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This is the second build in a 4 character series in which I hope to make a reliable, easy-to-read, and informative builds for Yuri, Leon, Raelynn, and Skoldir, ny favorite characters. Any picture you click will lin you to it's wiki page and I hope you find this mine-focused build useful.

Recommended Loadout[]

You need all of these items to begin your build.

Purchase Order[]

First off, you wanna get the Piggy Bank, this provides you with an early game advantage over enemy Awesomenauts and it take the solar tree 10 minutes to get just as much solar. Next you wanna buy the mines and one of the Titanium Spikes upgrade, use it to destroy droids and finish of enemies to get more solar. The next 2 upgrades in like are speed and the power pills turbo. Speed helps a ton when doing a hit and run bombing run, and the Power Pills help with Yuri's low health. After this, upgrade your Titanium Spikes to max, this will bring the kills in easier, but be care to avoid Leon's, Skoldir's, and Froggy G's because if their stun that could know you out of the air. Next you need to max the cooldown of the mines via Mine Consturcter. Finally, you need to grab the Uranium Spikes upgrade, this upgrade is almost equal to all the Titanium Spike upgrades combined. It is vital to a Yuri's survival and will bring you the most kills. After the point, what you buy really doesn't matter, nor the order. Just try to max his Time-Warp out, it will be useful for staying in the battle for extended periods of time.

Play Style and Tips[]

As Yuri, your health will be very low, which is a serious flaw, but this is not a problem if you stay evasive. Try to always stay above the major combat and rain death from above, occasionally dropping down for a quick and swift mine-strike. Just hover right above an enemy 'naut's head and drop a mine on them. Depending on what stage of the game you're on, this might be very easy (later when you have health and massive damage) or hard (earlier when you have low health and your mines do low damage). To support your team just fly above the turret your team is attacking, and drop as many mines as you can in front of it in one space. This will make it so that if an enemy 'naut comes out, they will nearly instantaneously be taken out. I would only do this when there are no other enemy 'nauts out because you might get jumped by a sneaky Coco or Raelynn (a Yuri's worst nightmare). For most of the game, you want to stay evasive and try to lure people into good positions for you to drop a mine or two on them.

Another trick you can use, (in a serious competitive match, this tactic is no good) is hide in a bush or concealed spot, and spam as many mines as you can. Then, find a weak-looking enemy 'naut and let them hit you maybe once or twice (this part is risky) and pretend you are fleeing into the bush. Then, watch as they hit 4-6 of your heavy-hitting mines. You could also put mine on the platforms above the jump pads in AI Station 404, or whereever the landing area of a jump pad is. Another way to help out your team is to giltch out the turret's range and make it so that you can hit it but it can't hit you. Your laser cannot have range on it for this trick to work. Just hover right against the wall the turret's on and slowly lower yourself until it starts shooting at you. Then raise yourself up just a little above this. Then, fire your laser at the turret. Your cursor, if you're using a mouse, should be underneath your skill bar. You should be able to hit the turret without the turret hitting you. This trick is very risky and I wouldn't reccomend it unless there are no other 'nauts nearby.