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This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.

Voltar is one of the most quirky Awesomenauts in the game. Just like Yuri, he can be built either extremely offensively, or as a full-out support (though a support Yuri does still play out differently as a support). This build for Voltar is intended for both maximizing Voltars immense solar output and pushing potential, as well as taking his teamfight utility to the extreme. Voltar can in a teamfight, all at the same time, continually bombard the enemy team with blinds and a terriffic AOE knockback throughout most of the teamfight, as well as reasonably heal most, if not all, of your team. Mid-, to endgame, this voltar build is also a full-on counter to the popular Clunk's Explosion focused build.

Don't get you're hopes up, though. This build is not strictly better than the rest, and is designed to accomplish two main goals, which bring their own weaknesses to this build. Maximizing teamfight utility has it's uses, but keep in mind that, though you will be doing everything Voltar can quite effectively all at the same time, you will not reach your maximum potential in any one area. Both your DPS and spiking will be lower than when compared to a high-end damage oriented Voltar, and taking that extra utility for your healbot will assure that you will heal less than a strict support Voltar. You will usually be able to win 1vs1 matchups, but you will be useless if facing more than one opponent alone. (Alone, mind you)

Your other weakness will be the one that comes with the choice of exponentially scaling throughout the game. Yes, you become exponentially better with each heartbeat, potentially being 9-15 levels higher than your opponents (depending on your team composition and the enemy team, rarely will you be able to reach a 15 headrun) and being able to carry the game, but you will also be almost utterly useless earlygame. You can do nothing but heal for small amounts of health, unless your opponents ignore you and let you push a turret (which will spike your situational potential sky-high), which you can do without even waiting for minions very much since you can heal your minions well enough to keep them alive. Mind you! Most opponents better than an AI will not let you do this.

Effectively, until you get your farm up, your team will be playing a 2vs3.

Recommended Loadout[]

Drones: Drone Army + Dark Matter Shots + Weapon Clip-on

Healbot: Energy Drink + Turret Add-on + Cortex Tank

Healing Wave: Psychokinetic Repulsion + Psychothrust + Dreams of Greed

Other: Solar Tree + Piggy Bank + Power Pills (the free but weaker version, of course)

Purchase Order[]

Your beginning is the most important step of your build in terms of how much it will effect your game. You NEED to get all of the following or you will not reach even near your maximum potential. Your upgrade path after this will be open to convesation and opinion, but for this build to function at all you NEED to get the following; Begin the game with completing your lowest row, that is, Piggy Bank, Power Pills and Solar Tree. Also open your Dreams of Greed. I must stress that the most important parts of your build are Solar Tree and Dreams of Greed. They will allow you to start exponentially growing in power once you survive your hell, that is, your earlygame. Many beginners underestimate the power of passive solar, and I must stress: Solar Tree and Dreams of Greed are the most important part of this build!

After your beginning, I would suggest the following build route. Take into consideration, though, that your build should also depend on how the game is going and both team compositions, so use your head, just mindlessly copying this order of purchase will not all ways allow you to reach your maximum potential. I will discuss certain matchups later.

But, to get on, here is my suggested general/usual (!) purchase order: Power Pills, Piggy Bank, Solar Tree, Dreams of Greed, Suicide Drones, Heal Bot, Buy all levels of your Drone Army, Cortex Tank, Psychokinetic Repulsion, Buy all levels of your Weapon Clip-On, Turret Add-on, Dark Matter Shots, Buy all levels of your Energy Drink, Psychothrust.

Matchups and situations:

If against a hyper-aggressive Clunk, you should consider rushing Cortex Tank, and maybe even Psychokinetic Repulsion. Your potential will suffer, yes, but this should give you an edge in fights since you have strong weapons against Clunk exploding parts of him self and ripping your team apart. This rush order might also work to some small extent, if your team has fed an enemy Leon so much that he has already spiked into his hypercarry assassin mode.

If your team already has a really strong edge in the beginning of your midgame, you should consider leaving your Psychokinetic Repulsion and Dark Matter Shots for last. Rather use the edge to your advantage and rush as much damage as possible after your Cortex Tank, so you can carry your teamfights, since you have less to worry about in terms of your team mates.

If your enemy team is winning by a lot, consider rushing Energy Drink and Dark Matter Shots straight after your Cortex Tank and Drone Armies.

Play Style and Tips[]

Earlygame: As you start out, you should stay and try to farm solar with your Healing Wave. If you notice an opportunity, you can try and push turrets by healing your minions. You should start getting more and more solar faster than others so you should start seeing a slight level advantage for you.

Midgame: This is when you start getting real teamfight utility. After you have your Cortex Tank, if you get a chance, try and trap opponents into forced fights with your now-offensive Healbot. What you really need to learn is when to explode your drones, since, though a nice burst damage might sound nice for any frame of the fight, you will get more damage out if you explode your drones at the last secure moment possible. Do not be afraid to get kills, and don't be afraid to set up kills for your teammates. Once you get more damage and knockback, you'll be a real force to be reckoned with since you will have strong means of forcing the enemy team to fight your team.

Lategame: Voltars lategame is quite weird when compared to other characters lategames. Voltar will function the same way, per se, but will do everything much better than midgame. You will also at this point get extra goodies, like a long range for your basic "attack" as well as your constant blinds. You will have a full build far before anyone else, and you will have an immense level advantage. Your most important skill will be your Healbot, with it's constant automatic DPS and CC, and be careful not to get so far that your drones will not autoattack your enemies.