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The Vinnie & Spike guide to robbin' banks properly, nyeah, see?[]

Hello, and welcome to my "short" little guide for playing my favorite naut(s), Vinnie & Spike. I play him(them) as a bursty, long range poker.

What these two amazing fish excel at is hunting down people with low HP and finishing them off quickly. Now, this may seem sort of useless, but trust me, it ain't.

This guide is Vinnie & Spike approved!

"Nyeah, see?!" - Vinnie.

"..." - Spike.

Pros and Cons[]


- Very fast

- Can fly

- Has an AoE blind

- Deals insane damage

- Good pusher

- Has Totalbiscuit as a voice actor


- Sort of weak 1v1

Yes, that's it.

Recommended Loadout[]

Spike Dive -- Dead Seahorse Head, Bag full of Gold fish and Chrome file.

As you can tell, I go for extreme damage on my Spike Dive, since it is my main source of damage. If used correctly, no cooldown reduction is needed. To check out how to use your abilites, scroll down a notch.

Smoke screen -- Red Bandana, Mammoth sock with holes and Withered president mask

This is an awesome skill, very, very useful. Ecspecially with silence AND the brief invisibility it gives. This ability is a huge help for both your team and you.

Bubble gun -- Sharky & Remora, Scarfish and Al Carper.

Very basic things to go for. However one thing I have to point out, is how crucial it is to get the range upgrade early. Your Bubble gun will be almost useless without it.

Vinnie & Spike utility -- Power pills light, Space air max and Piggy bank.

Again, very basic items to take. The pills are just there because, I don't know?                                                            Yes you are weak, so if you're a total newbie with him, they might help a bit, but overall they're kind of useless otherwise, you honestly do not need them. Mainly because you have so many great escape tools, and there's health walking around everywhere.

Purchase Order[]

Starting off -- Piggy bank, Spike Dive and Bag full of Gold fish.

I like to start off this because it gives me a nice amount of burst damage, and makes it easy for me to finish of any runaways.

Of course you should always buy your items for different sitiuations, but I find myself always using that same order for my purchases in almost all cases:

1. Dead seahorse head

2. Snarky & Remora

3. Space air max

4. Full Chrome file

5. Full Scarfish

Here I like to either go for Smoke screen or full Al Carper, depending on what my team need the most. Or depending on if I am getting focused or not. Of course, it is situational. I do however tend to go for full Al Carper first.

6. Al Carper

7. Smoke screen

8. Red  bandana

9. Withered president mask

10. Full Mammoth sock with holes

11. And finally full Power pills light.

Play Style and Tips[]

Play Style

What you should focus on, is darting in and out of combat and finishing off runaways. I would say that Vinnie & Spike is useless in teams fights, he is actually really strong in them and can provide a lot of great support with his Smoke screen. However, you really will do best to sort of, hover over your enemies and shooting bubbles at them, Spike Diving every once in a while. However, I highly recommend saving yo Dive for the aftermath, where people try to flee to get health. This is where you're inner assassin comes into play.

In lane, I would recommend pushing hard. Since your Bubble gun is awesome that it penetrates "errtang" (everything), you'll have an easy time dealing with those pesky drones.                                                                        Plus, if someone tris to gank you, you can either just Spike Dive away or float up and hug the wall.

Using your abilities

Spike Dive

Use your Spike Dive wisely. You are rather weak up close, so either use your Smoke screen to get out of sticky situations, or only Spike Dive when you know you're going to get a kill. Or at least. not die.

Smoke screen

Use this after a Spike Dive in a 1v1, wait a little, then Dive in again. This is a very good tactic, and by using it, you may actually win a few 1v1s.

Bubble gun

You might find this ability annoying at first, and it is, sort of. However, it is a force to be reckoned with.                        It will always penetrate enemy units (not structures), so pushing with these fellas, is awesome. It will however take a little bit of practice to learn, how to hit with all three bubbles, every time.                                                                    But don't worry, it's not that hard to learn.

Your jump

Your float is so good, so f'ing gewd (good). Use it to your advantage whenever you get the chance. And not only does it provide excellent escapability and a "you can't reach me"-bility. It also provide a nice movement speed buff.

Tips (not to many to give)

- Avoid 1v1 confrontations, you are "squishy" (weak) and can have a very hard time dealing with beefy characters such as Skølldir or Clunk.

- Always be flyin'. Always.

How to beat a Vinnie & Spike

- Never walk around with half HP or less... Never.

- A good Leon, Clunk or Skølldir can wipe the floor with Vinnie & Spike in a 1v1.

Final verdict This character is so strong and very underrated. Give him a try, because he is so much fun to play, and I promise you that you will not be disspointed.

Now go out there and rob some banks, properly, see? Nyeah!

I hope you enjoyed my "short" little guide, thanks for reading! :)

- Scoxt, the Hat