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This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.[]


Recommended Loadout[]

  • Alien Abduction Kit, Bag Full of Gold Fish, Chrome Files
  • Red Bandana, Withered President Mask, Rubber Mask
  • Sharky & Remora, Yakoiza, Al Carper
  • Power Pills Light, Space Air Max, Solar Tree

Purchase Order[]

  • Solar Tree and Boots
  • Sharky & Remora
  • Spike Dive
  • Yakoiza
  • Smoke Screen + Rubber Mask
  • Red Bandana
  • Chrome Files x2
  • Al Carper x2/3
  • Alien Abduction Kit + Withered President Mask
  • Bag Full of Gold Fish
  • Power Pills Light whenever needed

Play Style and Tips[]

  • Use Yakoiza whenever you can for +9 extra damage to your Bubble Gun
  • Stay out of range and kite your enemies
  • Stay in your silence smokescreen to avoid getting attacked

-- 05:27, December 21, 2012 (UTC)