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This guide is for those quick getaways while helping your teamates. You can also use this guide to ambush alone players during the late game.

Recommended Loadout[]

  • Spike Dive: Antique Machinegun, Chrome File, Bag Full of Goldfish.....
  • Smokescreen: Red Bandana, Mammoth Sock with Holes, Rocketeer.....
  • Bubblegun: Sharky & Remora, Al Carper, The Godfish(can be replaced with Scarfish).....
  • Inflate: Piggy Bank, Space Air Max, Power Pills Light

Purchase Order[]

  1. Piggy Bank
  3. Mammoth Sock with Holes x2
  4. Power Pills Light x2
  5. Space Air Max
  6. Red Bandana
  7. The Godfish
  9. Antique Machinegun
  10. Chrome File
  11. Sharky & Remora
  12. Rocketeer
  13. Bag Full of Goldfish
  14. Al Carper x3

Play Style and Tips[]

  1. Help your teamates harass the opponent while your cloaked with them(mammoth sock).
  2. Start jungling to get quick solar.
  3. Get health and speed to stay out longer.   
  4. Get Spikedive and helpyour teamates better.
  5. Cloak with smokecreen to get behind enemy lines attack from there, using the smokecreen to getaway again.    
  6. Finish upgrading Bubblegun and Spike dive. 
  7. Get some kills.   
  8. Be a threat to the opponent.
  9. Get a killingspree.    
  10. Taunt and be a boss.

--Fallen Angel0102 (talk) 17:45, December 22, 2012 (UTC)FallenAngel0102