Awesomenauts Wiki

This build is for V&S' that are good at landing their spike dives, and smoke screens.

Recommended Loadout[]

Spike Dive: Bag Full of Goldfish, Chrome File, Rigged Casino Games

Smokescreen: Red Bandana, Withered President Mask, Rubber Mask

Bubble Shot: Sharky and Remora, Yakoiza, Loanshark

Utility: Solar Krab Burgers, Space Air Max, Piggy Bank

Purchase Order[]

Piggy Bank, Smokescreen, Rubber Mask, Spike Dive

Solar Krab Burgers

Bag full of Goldfish

Loanshark/Space Air Max

Space Air Max/Loanshark

Rigged Casino Games 2/2

Red Bandana (Get earlier if team has: Good Genji, Skoldir, Raelynn, and Derpl)

Chrome File 2/2

Withered Preisdent Mask


Sharky and Remora

Play Style and Tips[]

Use your dive to escape when needed. Place smokescreen on at least 2/3 enemies, when placing on droids don't kill them until smokescreen is done to maximize solar. When diving on people do your best to hit droids or other players as well.