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A red team turret as seen in-game.

Turrets are structures that are featured on every map, in numbers of either 3 (Sorona, AI Station 404) or 4 (Ribbit IV, Aiguillon). They protect the Solar Drill and fire bullets at high speeds if any enemy Awesomenauts or Creeps comes in its line of sight, prioritizing those that are closest to them. Destroying the enemy Turrets is the only way to reach the Solar Drill, thus making them the key to winning the match. Destroying a Turret grants your team 30 Solar each, and 50 Solar to the 'Naut that killed it (total of 80). If a Turret is destroyed by a Droid, it will grant 30 Solar to the Droid's team, and drop 50 Solar on the ground where the Turret was destroyed.

Turret Stats
Health: 1000 (1200 for back turrets)
Damage per Bullet: 4
Attack Speed: 400
Solar Bounty: 80, 30 for teammates


  • Sawblade Droids gain a health increase (indicated by a glowing shield effect) whenever they are in a turret's firing range.
  • Many attacks do halved to Turrets, and some attacks don't damage them at all. For example, Lonestar's Dynamite does 10 damage instead of the usual 20 when it hits a Turret.
  • The team that destroys an enemy turret will be rewarded with a Super Droid, which spawns at their base. This Droid has a large amount of HP and wields a rocket launcher.

List of attacks that do reduced damage to Turrets[]


UI Skillbutton Vampire Bolas (Deals halved damage)

Admiral Swiggins[]

UI Skillbutton Captain Melee (Deals reduced damage)
UI Skillbutton Captain Shoot (Deals reduced damage)


UI Skillbutton Tank Attack (Missiles do 75% damage)
UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate (Explosion does halved damage)


Coco Nebulon Weapon-1 (Each stage adds 1 point of damage against turrets)
Coco Nebulon Weapon-6 (Homing Particles do halved damage)


UI Skillbutton Turretguy Turretrocket copy 2 (Nuke does halved damage, 25, 32, 40, and 47 respectively)
Derpl Zork Weapon (Cats do halved damage, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 respectively.)
Derpl Zork Skill2 (Siege Mode bullets do halved damage, 5, 6, and 7 respectively.)
Derpl Zork Weapon-5 (Fat Cat does 10 damage instead of 20.)
Derpl Zork Skill2-3 (Missiles do halved damage)

Froggy G[]

UI Skillbutton Dasher Dash (Dash deals halved damage)
UI Skillbutton Dasher Whirlwind (7 damage instead of 15)
Skill Froggy Twister tweeters (Halved damage on the end explosion.)
Skill Froggy Thorn fish (Halved damage on the smaller water bullets)


Ui skillbutton butterfly shoot (Hits only once)


UI Skillbutton Maw Turret (Placing a Weedling on top of a Turret will do halved damage. Weedling bullets do 3 damage (4 and 5 with each stage of Corrosive Spores respectively.)


Upgrade Leon Backstab bladeUpgrade Leon Clover of honour (Backstab/Crit sound will still be heard if Turrets are hit from the back, but no extra damage will be added.)
Upgrade Leon Blow up doll (Explosion does halved damage)


UI Skillbutton Cowboy Grenade (10 damage on each stick instead of 20)
Skill Lonestar Bull charger (15 damage instead of 30)
Skill Lonestar MissileSkill Lonestar Another Missile (7 damage instead of 15)


UI Skillbutton Brute Attack (Each punch does halved damage)
Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade C (The Gnome does halved damage upon explosion.)

Vinnie & Spike[]

UI Skillbutton Bird Dash (Deals halved damage)


UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone (Explosion does halved damage, drone shots do halved damage.)


UI Skillbutton Jetter Mine (Mines deal halved damage)
UI Skillbutton Jetter Attack (Laser does reduced damage)