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I havent been playing Ted to long but hes quite easy to get the hang of, he's not the character to bust in and blow everything up, neither a support. Hes hasnt got too much health and moves very slow, but even with his unmaneouverability, he is a very useful character.

Recommended Loadout[]

 Ion strike - Wheelbarrow with ammo    Hamburger phone   Princess Adlez phonenumber

The ion strike is mainly for support and clearing creeps, Hamburger phone is especially useful against a gnaw as it stops his DOT. It also heals team mates and your creeps. The other two are for damage and to help clear the map. I dont have 2 extra airstikes in the list because it takes longer to get the health pack, and that is really needed

stimpack-  Armpit shaving cream    Personal assistant   Angel wing toliet paper

Stimpack is handy but only in certain situations, dont use it to clear out creeps as it gives you a nasty health loss. AWTP will really help in a close range situation, bossting your ammo to max and firing quick.  AMS is for extra health as he is quite fragile and personal assistant is for duration.

machinegun/shotgun  Ted Mcpain Unicorn Dance Karting   commando Ted figurine   Ted's Power briefs

The shotgun is the main damage dealer and should mainly be used above the machine gun, its original 25 damage bursts can be powered to 40 damage and with stimpack, its a deadly combo. TMUDK is to spray mines all over the ground, 20 damage each. It kills creeps and can be really annoying for other players. Commando ted figurine is a must as it boosts your damage and thats exactly what it needs. Teds power briefs are really usefull with large amounts of knockback, it can be use very well to escape, or push people into turrets 

ultilty  med-i-can     space air max    Solar tree

hes an originally slow character and is staying in the lane quite a lot, he needs health regen over max health. solar tree or piggy bank is your choice

Purchase Order[]

solar tree - ion strike - TMUDK (grenades) 1&2 - Commando ted figurine 1&2 - hamburger phone 1&2 - Teds power briefs - commando ted figurine 3 - space air max - health regen 1&2 - stimpack - Angel wing toilet paper -  Princess adlez phonenumber - wheelbarrow with ammo 1&2 - armpit shaving cream 1&2 - Wheelbarrow with ammo 3 - personal assistant 1&2

Play Style and Tips[]

 Never dive in at players with ted unless their weak and alone, Team fights ted excells in mid game as he can spray shotguns. Early game spam grenades everywhere ad the ion strike when appropiate. Mid game be a little more reckless, following players, but not to far. Late game he can use stimpack to full use. Ion strike should be aimed for at the lower platforms, as it rises to the top of the map. To Conclude, Ted is a fighter but not a brawler, he can push and defend but watch out for his low health. He cant take burst damage so stay away from vinnie, clunk and derp. Derp is especially annoying as you cant use knockback to send him Away.

I hope this guide helped :)

--Ugybugy1 (talk) 22:30, December 13, 2013 (UTC)