Awesomenauts Wiki

Tanks are 'nauts who excel in taking large amounts of damage and acting as protectors for their team. Their main attributes include a tipically large health pool and abilities or autoattacks that discourage enemies from approaching them.

While tanks can protect droids when acting alone, they really shine when working with a team, discouraging enemy initiation and taking damage that would otherwise harm their allies.

Common tank traits[]

  • Large health pool.
  • Damage mitigation tools (such as lifesteal or shields).
  • Dangerous to approach and engage.
  • Better in the frontlines.
  • Usually bad at chasing.

Traditional tanks[]

Clunk and Derpl Zork are considered tanks by the game. With the largest health pool of the cast, innate lifesteal that can be improved in a variety of ways, dangerous crowd control and the highly damaging self-destruct, Clunk exibits all traits of a tank, as does Derpl, with shields, nuke, traps and a similarly large health pool. These characters can also focus on crowd controlling to become powerful disruptors in teamfights as well.

Swiggins is Awesomenauts' newest tank. With survival-focused upgrades such as Royal Toy Castle and Krill Biscuits and a dangerous crowd control ability at base (Drop Anchor), he can be quite survivable and disruptive.

Other tanks[]

Tanks are, by definition, able to take amounts of punishment that would kill a weaker target. That said, there are mechanics available to different 'nauts that allow for some limited tanking, such as Perfumed White FlowersRight Back At Ya! or Can't Touch This, for example. Such upgrades allow their users to last longer than they normally would.