Awesomenauts Wiki

A support is a 'naut that does not typically participate in direct combat as much as their allies, but instead use their abilities and upgrades either to help their teammates or to make things difficult for their enemies. Supporting abilities include a wide range of tools, ranging from area denial to crowd control or even heals.

Common support traits[]

  • Usually better when not in direct combat.
  • Wide array of helpful tools.
  • Tend to require teammates' protection.
  • Teamfight-changing abilities.

Traditional supports[]

The game considers Genji and Yuri as support 'nauts. Genji is an "all-in-one" character with upgrades that can allow him to be a pure support, a partial healer, a ganking initiator, disruptor or even a pusher. Examples of upgrades that show his great versatility include Butterfly Nebula Dust, Caterpillar King Statue and The Last Pieridae Transformae.

Yuri, on the other hand, specializes in area denial with his dangerous mines, while his warp time can be upgraded to become a large threat in teamfights or a healing tool. With the right upgrades, his laser can become very powerful, giving him more offensive power, specially with innate piercing.

Other supports[]

While not mentioned by the game itself, Voltar is considered a support by many, displaying traits that are very similar to those on the support role.