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Sorona is the third map of the game, unlocked at Level 10.


Once a vibrant dinosaur planet, now a dead wasteland. Centuries ago, the planet was scorched by orbital nuclear bombardment, which transformed Sorona into a crude, uninhabitable place.

Now only miners, static storms and radioactive giant worms scour the planet, and they are all unfriendly.

The worms (quite hungry ones) feast on everything that moves: the miners, employees of lightning farms and even small space ships. Consider yourself warned!

Drop pod path[]


Drop pod path (Sorona)


Worm Sorona

The middle of the bottom lane has a button with an openable shaft below. Stepping on it will open the shaft, to reveal a large worm, that stays on the screen as long as the button is held down. Any Droid or Awesomenaut that touches the worm will automatically die and drop their Solar on the ground.

Being killed by the Worm will display a message saying "The worm has smooched Player Name!".

Hide Areas[]

The center of the map has a large Hide Area, which conceals any Awesomenauts or Droids inside.

Critter Areas[]

Worm Creep

There are two worm creeps each on the left and right side of the map. They drop a Healthpack that restores 30 Health and 3 Solar upon death.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Since the Worm instantly kills anything that touches it, this can be used to easily kill enemy Droids (Especially Super Droids) that step on the shaft, as pressing the button will instantly kill them and drop Solar on the ground.
  • Pressing the Worm button and quickly stepping away will show the animation of the Worm appearing for a short amount of time, but nothing on the shaft will be killed.
    • Similarly, stepping away quickly from the button after a Droid or Awesomenaut is killed will allow you to pick up the Solar dropped, without having it go below the hatch and disappearing.
  • The Boosters on the middle of the map can be used to make an easy escape by holding down the teleport button mid-flight. Most of the time, you will be teleported back to your base by the time you reach the ground.