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Solar Drill

The Solar Drill is a large structure, found in both team's bases. Destroying it is the only way to win the game. Solar Drills are guarded by 3 or 4 Turrets, and destroying them is required to reach the enemy base.

The Announcer alerts both teams when a base is entered, along with a message on top of the screen. Also, once the Solar Drill reaches 1/3 of its health or lower, the Announcer will alert the team that has the damaged Solar Drill.

Solar Drill Stats
Health: 1200


List of attacks that do reduced damage to the Solar Drill[]


UI Skillbutton Vampire Bolas (Deals halved damage)

Admiral Swiggins[]

UI Skillbutton Captain Melee (Deals reduced damage)
UI Skillbutton Captain Shoot (Deals reduced damage)


UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate (Explosion does halved damage)


Coco Nebulon Weapon-1 (Each stage adds 1 point of damage against the Solar Drill)
Coco Nebulon Weapon-6 (Homing Particles do halved damage)


UI Skillbutton Turretguy Turretrocket copy 2 (Nuke does halved damage, 25, 32, 40, and 47 respectively)
Derpl Zork Weapon (Cats do halved damage, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 respectively.)
Derpl Zork Skill2 (Siege Mode bullets do halved damage, 5, 6, and 7 respectively.)
Derpl Zork Weapon-5 (Fat Cat does 10 damage instead of 20.)
Derpl Zork Skill2-3 (Missiles do halved damage)

Froggy G[]

UI Skillbutton Dasher Whirlwind (7 damage instead of 15)
Skill Froggy Twister tweeters (Halved damage on the end explosion.)
Skill Froggy Thorn fish (Halved damage on the smaller water bullets)


Ui skillbutton butterfly shoot (Hits only once)


UI Skillbutton Maw Turret (Placing a Weedling on top of a Solar Drill will do halved damage. Weedling bullets do 3 damage (4 and 5 with each stage of Corrosive Spores respectively.)


Upgrade Leon Blow up doll (Explosion does halved damage)


UI Skillbutton Cowboy Grenade (10 damage on each stick instead of 20)
Skill Lonestar Bull charger (15 damage instead of 30)
Skill Lonestar MissileSkill Lonestar Another Missile (7 damage instead of 15)


UI Skillbutton Brute Attack (Each punch does halved damage)
Shop Icons Brute Throw Upgrade C (The Gnome does halved damage upon explosion.)

Vinnie & Spike[]

UI Skillbutton Bird Dash (Deals halved damage)


UI Skillbutton Summoner Drone (Explosion does halved damage, drone shots do halved damage.)


UI Skillbutton Jetter Mine (Mines deal halved damage)
UI Skillbutton Jetter Attack (Laser does reduced damage)