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The Sniper role is, oddly enough, virtually identical to the harasser one. With the focus on long-range abilities to damage targets from a safe distance, paired with tools that keep the enemies at bay, hampering their approach, the Sniper's job is to poke enemies from afar, constantly reducing their health while using their other tools to stay in safety, weakening them until they can move in for the kill or until a teamfight occurs.

Common sniper traits[]

  • Long-range damage dealing abilities on a (relatively) short cooldown.
  • Good at keeping enemies away from them.
  • Access to high movement speed.
  • Less effective at close range/direct combat.

Traditional snipers[]

Raelynn's the only 'naut referred to as a Sniper by the game. She uses her Snipe to poke at enemies, while Timerift creates a literal barriers that makes it hard for enemies to approach her. This can be even harder if she's using her Denny's Boots.

Other snipers[]

Since the sniper role is identical to the harasser one, aside from the literal sniper rifle, Coco could be considered a sniper as well. Her Ball Lightning serves as the long-range damaging ability and her Blaze is effective in keeping the enemies away from her, plus her naturally high movement speed can be upgraded by Space Air Max and Silver Coating.