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Playing As:[]

  • When playing as Skølldir, learning to time your 3rd punch is vital as some of the Bash upgrades will only affect it.
  • When using Perfumed White Flowers, try to kill creeps with the 3rd hit from bash so you can recover more health than you normally would.
  • Skølldir may use Earthquake from a high place to quickly "drop" in front of enemies, often surprising them.
  • If you see an enemy jumping, try timing your Earthquake so it hits them on their way down.
  • With the right upgrades, Skølldir can make his Earthquake very hard to escape from. Stolen Couch, Stone Twins and Small Volcano all help him accomplish that.
  • Every one of Skølldir's abilities have at least one form of crowd control available. WIth the right build he can become a powerful disruptor.
  • Homeless Gnome can be useful to attack turrets or the Solar drill from a safe distance, making it a somewhat effective weapon against structures.

Playing Against:[]