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Back Story[]

Skølldir the Terrible Space Viking has raided over a hundred spaceports, cargo ships and grocery stores. His legendary thirst for battle is unquenchable. Great raids are usually followed by great feasts and soon his nickname was altered to Skølldir The Terribly Overweight Space Viking. Nothing could scorn Skølldir more than this honorless title!

Skølldir has set out on his space barge to impress the universe with his lightning fast fighting skills to prove this moniker wrong and show his nimbleness. Anyone who would dare to call him fat is met with a rapid series of crushing punches and is thrown aside. All the while, Skølldir's metallic suit is telling him how many calories he is burning.

If you find yourself on the battlefield, and hear the sound of crushing bones and thunderous farts in the distance, flee as Skølldirs fury is upon you!


Theme Song Lyrics[]

Skølldir kommer på besøk, stram lemonade klar (x2) (Translation: Skølldir is coming to visit, prepare the lemonade.)

Voice actor: Simon Lane








Drop Pod In[]

Killing Blow[]

Killing Spree[]

Being Hit[]

On Death[]

3rd Bash Combo[]

Using Earthquake[]

Using Mighty Throw[]

Nauts In-Game Look[]


Default skin.


Demon Skølldir


Honeydew Skølldir

Skin Information[]

Honeydew Skølldir[]

CharacterRender skØlldir Yogscast redBG

"Check out the new, free Honeydew skin for Skølldir, provided by the Yogscast. Honeydew has been unleashed upon the Galaxy! Defending his right to bear Jaffa Cakes and pummeling evildoers with his Fists of Fury!" - Official description.

It can be found here for free. This skin replaces Skølldir's metal armor with one made of leather with dark pants that does not protect his face, arms and belly. He also has a leather belt and an orange beard.

His skills are unchanged, but Bash has a new animation on the third hit, being a giant pickaxe instead of a giant fist. Mighty Throw has a new pattern. The Homeless Gnome's appearance is changed.

This skin is a "homage" to The Yogscast, since Skølldir was voiced by Simon Lane.

Demon Skølldir[]


"Summoned by a sorcerous ritual, Demon Skølldir has entered our realm! Chaos follows in his wake! Tremble mortals, and despair for Demon Skølldir's fiery fists of doom are upon you!" - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Skølldir dark leather armor with black fur on his pants and shoulders. He has metal ornaments on his gloves, a different belt and a necklace made of skulls. He has demon-like horns instead of the usual ones on his helmet.

Homeless Gnome is a replaced by a tiny demon

and a Bash's third hit is a giant claw instead of the usual fist. Mighty Throw gains a fire effect.

Awesomenaut Showcase[]


  • Skolldir was the first 'naut voiced by a community member "guest star" (Simon Lane).
  • Skolldir is the only character with a melee auto-attack that can't hit multiple targets at the same time.