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Hello, everybody! This is Puddingskin here again, this time with the Lonestar build that I use. This is suited to 1.18, and will be updated through the patches. This build focuses on dynamite and sustainability, as well as lane presence and burst.

Recommended Loadout[]

Dynamite: An Extra Stick, Rubber Sleeve(or Incendiary Bomb), Transfusion Gernades.

An Extra sick is not totally mandatory, but it's meta as 'ell and is, indeed, particularly important to this build. Rubber sleeve can be swapped out for Incediary Bomb if you can live without it, but Transfusion Gernades are a must on this build. Dark Matter Flashbang as well as Mister TNT is really only used best in conjunction with Rubber Sleeve, which is the only expendable upgrade in this build.

Bull: Ribbit Snail Slime, Bull Charger, Mature Ribbit Snail Slime.

Double slow is very annoying, and so is a good 30 damage per bull. Good for pokes, especially seeing as how you won't build into bull for a good while. This row is expendable, however, so you may suit it to your needs.

Blaster: Eagle Bullets, Crystal Eagle Bullets, and either Missle depending on what color you like(or Cheeta Bullets).

This allows you for to build into blaster for both the mid and late game. Taking both missiles bumps your late game down, but the utility from one is almost too much not to take. But at the same time, I am aware of the state of missiles in 1.18 and it is understandable for you to go more for a late-game blaster build than take the missile.

Utility: Power Pills Turbo, Rocket Boots, Piggy Bank.

Health is because we don't need regen with this build, and that Lonestar is quite squishy without pills. Boots are pretty mandatory on him, more so for his vertical power that he can achieve. Piggy Bank is better than Solar Tree in this patch for a good chunk characters, and that includes this Lonestar build, as it allows you to achieve your 'grace period' that will in turn make a good replacement to what you get with Solar Tree.

Purchase Order[]

I won't try to impose a very specific build order on you, as that can mess you up in any given game, seeing as how Awesomenauts is dynamic and you need to adapt to different situations. I will, however, give you some information to get you started.

Getting 30~ solar at the drop-pod in, first get Piggy bank and Dynamite, always. Depending on the map or match-up, you can use the extra solar to either get regen or boots. If conditions are ideal, get an Extra Stick as quickly as possible. After that, either get bouncy or lifesteal, but always get those upgrades as soon as possible. And after that, build into Blaster, and get base Bull if you feel you need it. Get any utility items when you need them, and finish up with building into bull. Also, Missile should be the first blaster item you buy for its amazing utility.

Play Style and Tips[]

Kiting: Lonestar has many tools at his advantage to allow him to fight an enemy while keeping them at bay, with his range, vertical mobility, bouncy dynamite and bull for those sticky situations. This means that you should ideally be able to out 1v1 many opponents because they can't get close enough to you to put down damage on you, while you can put a beating down on them.

Turret-soloing. With bouncy dynamite, bull, missiles, and blaster range, Lonestar is a master at damaging turrets without taking any damage back. Whenever dynamite is off cooldown and there are no enemies or creeps to use it on, throw them at a turret for decent damage. Fling bulls at turrets so that they can tank for a while and perhaps lay down some hurt if they have either damage upgrades. Use missiles to your advantage, as they come rather close to being able to outrange turrets. Lonestar himself, to an extent, can use regen and boots to do the same turret-cheesing technique that Raelynn can use. If you use a combonation of all of these aspects, you can lay down some serious hurt on turrets without anybody there to help you.

Grace periods: "Grace period" is the term that I use for the period of time in a match when you can take out droids with one use of an ability. For Lonestar, his grace period abilitys are dynamite and missiles. Droids start with 55 health, and level up every six minutes to gain +15 health, so you can achieve your grace period by getting An Extra Stick before those first six minutes are up. This can be further extended to twelve minutes if you max out Incendiary Bomb if you decide to take it, and if you get a missile then your grace period is relatively indefinite. So, why are grace periods important? Because, they are the ideal time to farm creeps and get the advantage that you need for mid-game. If you are constantly laning, then that means that you will easily be able to set up pushes and can net yourself a lot of money. Grace periods are best difined as one use of an ability wiping out a droid wave, but the use of multiple abilities in a short amount of time works just as well.

Stats and Numbers[]

Let's start with his blaster damage- The DPS of this build fully upgraded is 42.44, with 6.3 of that being from the missile. The missile is not as optimal for this as DPS effecient as Cheeta Bullets, but it gives you a lot of utility for a relatively cheap price. If you so desire, you may change the Missile to Cheeta Bullets, as missiles this patch are... A little flimsey. The DPS of an end-game Lonestar with Cheeta Bullets instead is 50.57. So really, it depends on where you want to go when building into blaster; a stronger late-game, or an okay mid and late game?

NOW, the numbers for dynamite are pretty simple. Without An Extra Stick, it caps at 40 burst. With, it caps at 60. With incendiary, 60 burst with 20 DOT, capping at 80 damage. With a well-timed missle coming their way, 95 damage in about five seconds if all attacks hit. Aaaaaaaand that's the damage of a dynamite!

But what about lifesteal? Well, you'll get 5 healing per stick, meaning 15 lifesteal on one target. But when dealing with droid-waves, then you're almost assured to get 30 lifesteal, making it actually very effective in what it does when used correctly. Seeing as how dynamite has a cooldown of 5 seconds, you'll find it being actually a great replacement to regen.

Conclusion and Other Information[]

Thanks so much for reading my build, feedback is appreciated!

My forums account, Steam ID, and Tumblr all use 'PuddingskinMcgee', if you would like to contact me for any reason.

This build guide will be changed with evolving metas and patches, so check back for any new updates!

Currently suited for patch 1.18.