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This is a great end game you just can't kill this lonestar

Recommended Loadout[]

Dynamite throw: An extra stick, Rubber sleeve, Dark matter flashbang

Summon hyper bull: Bull charger, Techno Viking helmet, mature ribbit snail slime (can use ribbit snail slime instead)

Blaster: Missile, Booming bullets, Another missile

Sheriff lonestar abilitys: Med-I-can, Rocket boots, Piggy bank

Purchase Order[]

Piggy bank, Med-I-can1/2. Dynamite throw, Summon hyper bull, Med-I-can 2/2, Rocket boots, Rubber sleeve, Darkmatter flashbang, Techno Viking helmet 1/2, Bull charger, Techno Viking helmet 2/2, An extra stick, Mature ribbit snail slime (ribbit snail slime 2/3), Booming bullets, (Ribbit snail slime 3/3), Missle, Another missile.

Play Style and Tips[]

Use dynamite throw and summon hyper bull as much as possible effective against turrets and getting rid of the enemy team if they are pushing your base/ turret

-- 01:30, June 30, 2013 (UTC)