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Endgame build.[]

Skill Lonestar An extra stick! Skill Lonestar Transfusion grenades Skill Lonestar Contact detonator
Skill Lonestar Super breed 2.0 Skill Lonestar Techno viking helmet Skill Lonestar Mature Ribbit snail slime
Skill Lonestar Cheetah bullets Skill Lonestar Missile Skill Lonestar Another Missile
Skill Lonestar Rocket boots Skill Piggy bank Skill Power pills turbo

This is my final build, so far I haven't notice any flaws to fit my gameplay. A few notes to start with. I do change the starting build depending of what kind of stages I play.

Rabbit IV (Jungle) - This stage I start with a missile and a dynamite. The stage have really tight spaces so its easy to hit a dynamite, and the missile is good for hunting. You need good amount of burst dmg to kill them before they go to safety.

Sorona (Worm stage) - This stage I start with Missile and boots. Because the stage is wide open and only a few places to get HP, you need to be fast to quickly get HP and back in to the fight. Most of the time doesn't the enemy have the boots in the beginning so you easily outrun them and get a kill, if you start shooting them in the middle of the stage.

AI Station 404 (Gravity stage) - This start is by far the most important of all the stages, one lane and you're team need to control it. So here I get the dynamite and contact detonator (CD), and then the rest of the dynamites. CD works really well on all the platforms in the middle, allot of nauts tend to jump up on them to "take control".

The rest is depending on how the game goes. But mostly the dynamites are a hot target to fill out. But in sorona it might be a good thing to take another missile first. When you have the CD, try to have a little thought about every dynamite placement you do. You can take advantage of this in many ways. First of all you can spam the hidden areas with CDs. You can place them in the critter area to get some health when they spawn and walk on them. And finally you should put them on a typical escape route, like the beginning or end of a jumppad.

Most of the time I don't even buy the bull skill, its dead last on my priority-list. Mostly because it can sabotage more then help if you don't have the techno bull. BUT if you're the only one pushing you can take down a turret pretty easy with a 2.0 bull.

--glericus 19:32, May 26, 2012 (UTC)