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This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.

Beginner Build[]

Skill Lonestar An extra stick! Skill Lonestar Mister TNT Skill Lonestar Rubber sleeve
Skill Lonestar Super breed 2.0 Skill Lonestar Cattle rebooter Skill Lonestar Ribbit snail slime
Skill Lonestar Cheetah bullets Skill Lonestar Missile Skill Lonestar Crystal eagle bullets
Skill Power pills Skill Solar tree Skill Piggy bank

A guide to beginners with prestige level 4 to midgame.

When you get enough level you can change these skills. Mister TNT -> Transfusion grenades
Super breed 2.0 -> Techno viking helmet

Solar tree - Piggy Bank - Dynamite - Bull

This is a good start, you might have to wait a few secs if you don't get enough solar in the rocket. You have 25dmg from dynamite and a bull to shove everyone in to you're turret. Play like that until you get around 350solar (440 if you're on a roll), then teleport back.

Dynamite - Rubber sleeve (or the last dynamite)

After this you have a pretty good start, from here it's nice to upgrade the dynamite section to get full power. It you feel like pushing or defend towers, I would recommend Super breed 2.0. When you have that you cast bull and have some cover to attack towers. If you having problems staying alive, get power pills.

When you're in mid-end game, put everything in to you're pistol. And last upgrade the bull. --glericus 19:32, May 26, 2012 (UTC)