Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[]

  • Most of Raelynn's playstyles involves keeping her enemies at a safe distance. Denny's Boots and Gryc Lubricator may help her accomplish that.
  • Remember: the laser sight for Raelynn's Snipe becomes yellow when you are targetting an enemy Awesomenaut. This is specially useful when using the Gryc Lubricator upgrade for offscreen kills. Watching the minimap also helps in these cases.
  • When charging up Snipe, it is possible to press the Snipe button a second time after hearing the beep to fire the beam earlier.
  • Aiming Snipe away from your enemy or at the ground can prevent them from seeing the laser sight right away. Quickly direct it to your enemies and fire, surprising them.
  • You can begin charging Snipe while Raelynn is mid-air. Jump from a high place and activate it. By the time you hit the ground, Snipe will likely be ready to fire, giving less reaction time to your enemies.
  • Iron Rifle can prevent many crowd control effects from interrupting Snipe.
  • When using Laserpointer, sweeping the area in front of you in a fan-like motion may help you in blinding more enemies with it.
  • Timerift is a very effective tool against sieged Derpls as it affects the unsiege animation, making it way longer. Some players may notice this and will start sieging on glass platforms so they can drop down and escape, however.
  • Despite what it may look like, Timerift isn't a slow, but a time modifier and, as such, isn't affected by CC reduction or CC immunity.
  • With the T-800 Dome upgrade for Timerift, it is possible to solo turrets very effectively if they are left unguarded by your enemy
  • Without the Higgs Grenade upgrade, Timerift is best used to block chokepoints.

Playing Against:[]

  • Snipe can be interrupted by most crowd control effects, and will go on cooldown if this happens.
  • Snipe can't go through terrain. Stay out of her direct line of sight to discourage her from firing it.
  • Before engaging an enemy Raelynn, make sure you will be able to kill her quickly. She may get you low enough on health so that her Snipe will finish you off.
  • Saving abilities that are harder to land for when Raelynn uses Snipe might be a good idea, as she can't move until she fires the beam or is interrupted.
  • The cooldown on Timerift exceeds its duration. This is true even with the 1.21 Gigawatt Battery upgrade. You can use that window of opportunity to approach a Raelynn, but be mindful of Snipe as well.
  • You can tell if Raelynn has purchased Nuclear Warhead for her Timerift: It will have a sparking electricity effect on it.
  • Raelynn's Protoblaster can deal high dps with proper upgrades. Don't underestimate her ability to engage in close combat.