Awesomenauts Wiki

Two tips for killing/injurying opposing Awesomenauts

Recommended Loadout[]

I'm a bit rusty, but here it goes! WOLOLOLOLO

Ok, for the pistol, make sure you have the greatest damage booster upgrade, the fast rate of shooting, and.. the next could be of your choice.

For the Sniper, make sure you have the extra damage upgrade, the cool down upgrade, and the bigger range upgrade.

For the Timerift, make sure you have the extra height upgrade, the longevity upgrade, and the cooldown upgrade or the spawn droid upgrade.

For the Character, make sure you have the maximum health (Preferrably the +30 health one, but +40 is good)(you can only use the +40 one once), the extra movement upgrade, and the rest is up to you. 

Purchase Order[]

Get upgrades for the sniper, and make sure that cooldown time is very fast. Then upgrade the timerift's height, and longevity (i don't remember if there is a longevity, but I'll check! :). When done with those two, get more health upgrades and the rest can be in whatever order you want! (Preferrably the pistol gun, it will help when droids come to attack you!)

Play Style and Tips[]

Okay, so, once you have these upgrades, which might take about 1/2 way into the game, hopefully, you want to put these into use! The way you do this is by going to a healivy crowded area (AKA a place where many opposing Awesomenauts come through). Put a timerift RIGHT THERE! If it isn't placed correctly, then this won't work, and you need good timing too. Then when they come, use your sniper to shoot them. BAM, full hit on at least 1-3 opposing Awesomenauts.

Here is another tip you can use, but you need a tank (Preferrably Clunk, but I guess Derpl can do too). So do the steps I just said (place the timerift, get it timed corectly, etc.), and have your tank hide or be somewhere that no other Awesomenaut will suspect. When the Awesomenauts come, the tank (Derpl or Clunk) will come and attack them, because they will be a little trapped in the timerift. Support the tank by shooting the opposing Awesomenaut and when its at 1/2 health, use your sniper. If the opposing Awesomenaut doesn't die, make sure that you have your other ally (not the tank) close by, so then he/she can finish the opposing Awesomenaut off! This tip requires A LOT of communication between players, so if you're with a group of friends, use Steam or Skype to contact each other (Voice chatting).

(these are for the more advanced players, but I tried it and it worked for a bit, and then the opposing Awesomenauts started to avoid the plan) More tips to come!