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This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.[]

Recommended Loadout[]

Snipe: Anything

Time Rift: Nuclear Warhead, Retro Spaceship, 1 .21 Gigawatt Battery

Protoblaster: Skull Necklace, Lucky Cat Air Freshener, Receding Ponytail

Other: Solar Tree, Piggy Bank, Power Pills (free)

Purchase Order[]

  • Power Pills (free)
  • Piggy Bank
  • Solar Tree
  • Time Rift
  • Nuclear Warhead (x3)
  • Retro Spaceship (x3)
  • 1 .21 Gigawatt Battery
  • Receding Ponytail
  • Lucky Cat Air Freshener (x2)
  • Skull Necklace (x2)
  • Snipe
  • Snipe Upgrades

Play Style and Tips[]

As the title explains, this build mainly focuses on the Time Rift abilitiy. After collecting the neccessary first three, get Nuclear Warhead. Without this, the build is almost useless. Retro Spaceship help keep enemies in the rift longer, dealing more damage, as does 1 .21 Gigawatt Battery. Now that the Time Rift is fully upgraded, the only important thing to do is upgrade the Protoblaster. To be honest, you don't have to do these next three upgrades in the order above. It dosen't matter as long as you get them. After that, the build is preety much done. Snipe is hardly neccessary, but get it anyway just for extra support.