Awesomenauts Wiki

Recommended Loadout[]

Time Rift:? Nuclear Warhead, Retro Spaceship, x2 Damage on Gun

Sniper: Anything

Protoblaster: Skull Bracelet, Lucky Cat Air Freshener, Receding Ponytail

Other: Power Pills Turbo, Med-i'-can, Denny's Boots

Purchase Order[]

  • Skull Bracelet (x2)
  • Lucky Cat Air Fresher (x2)
  • Receding Ponytail
  • Time Rift Upgrades (any order)
  • Power Pills Turbo (x3)
  • Med-i'-can (x2)
  • Denny's Boots

Play Style and Tips[]

DO NOT OVEREXTEND even with all the HP you cannot deal with most high DPS attacks.