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Raelynn Time Rift CC Build Guide[]

This build is focused around using Raelynn's Time Rift to slow, damage, and control the movement of the enemy team. It gives the most priority to the Rift and its upgrades, and then focuses on auto attack and movement before finishing up snipe.



For the snipe skill, you want to chose Cassettedeck Magazine, Laserpointer, and Iron Rifle upgrades. This allows you to build into damage later in the game, and gives you the nice blinding effects that is sure to incite rage in your opponents.

Time Rift

Your bread and butter, you will want to get the Retro Spaceship, Nuclear Warhead. and 1.21 Gigawatt Battery upgrades. These will make your Rift a terrifying vortex of pain and immobility.


For the blaster upgrades, you'll want to pick up the Receding Ponytail, Lucky Cat Air Freshener, and the Unknown Alien Hand. This will allow you to do some serious damage to multiple 'Nauts while they're trapped in your Time Rift


As far as the general upgrades go, I usually get the Denny's Boots, Piggy Bank, and Solar Tree. This gives you a bit more cash throughout the game and allows you to buy a few more upgrades right at the start. The boots make Raelynn the character she is and seriously increase her speed.

Build Order and Playstyle

Starting Out

You're going to want to start out by grabbing the Solar Tree and Piggy Bank for some quick early cash. Then grab the Time Rift skill and Retro Spaceship Rank 1. This should allow you to start controlling the battlefield immediately. If you or a teammate are being chased, try to Time Rift in front of your enemies to slow their advances. While they're in the rift, be sure to lay into them with your blaster as much as possible.

Early Game

When you return to base in mid game, grab Snipe and Nuclear Warhead as quickly as possible. This allows you to start inflicting more serious damage in fights and makes your Rift more than just a barrier. Continue your same strategy with chasing, but be sure to use the Time Rift aggressively as well. The Rift can be used to slow enemy bots in order to push towers. This is one of Raelynn's greatest talents. Also be sure to use the Rift to trap enemies under your tower if they decide to dive or under their own if they are trying to turtle. Continue upgrading Nuclear Warhead on subsequent visits to base, moving into Retro Spaceship Rank 2 and finally 1.21 Gigawatt Battery as quickly as possible.

Mid Game

Since your Rift should be fully Upgraded by now, your next purchase should be the Laserpointer upgrade for snipe. Be sure to use this to throw off your enemies in the middle of fights. The blind also makes it easier to land your snipes, so take that into account. From here, build Denny's Boots for a bit more mid-game mobility. Then move into your Protoblaster upgrades, starting with the Receding Ponytail, followed by Lucky Cat Rank 1, Unknown Alien Hand, and then Lucky Cat Rank 2. This gives you much more damage and poke, as you are able to more easily shoot through bots and other players to hit your targets. Use this to your advantage while defending, especially if enemies are trapped in your Rift.

End Game

The only thing left to do now is to finish upgrading Snipe. I prefer to buy the Casettedeck Magazine first and Iron Rifle afterwards just to give Raelynn a bit more of a chance to use her blinding ability. At this point in the game, you should be controlling the battlefield with your Rifts and doing your best to push towers with blaster attacks and more Time Rifts. Your snipe will also be more useful now due to the increased damage, but only use it when you know you can safely stand still for a while.