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OUTDATED BUILD This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.

LHC Raelynn, L33T Hyper-Carry Raelynn []

The build is basically built around intense gold generation from monkey hand, and a SUPER support team.

i do not reccomend this Build if playing with other carries (they will take your kills) and gnaw (DoT can steal kills accidentally) or people without slows (voltar can be good for sustain, but you need kills for this to work meaning coco and yuri are better supports for LHC Raelynn. you will hopefully be far enough away from any real hdamage sources anyway unless you are going in for a kill. the build CAN work with other carries, its just not as well as if you had awesome supports.

THIS BUILD DOES NOT HAVE SUNGLASSES, this badly hurts raelyns passive farm. this build relys on kills with Monkey hand to let LHC Raelynn Smash her way to full build.

build completes by mid level 33

======Recommended Loadout ======

For Timerift

as any damage is good to have. it may just take them down

because more slow means longer time of practically uncontested DPS (you get 5 shots off for every one of theirs)

adds to burst damage,

For snipe

+21 damage - need damage to kill

+14 damage - need damage to kill
a hard decision between this item and cooldowns, but range is probably more useful as you may be able to get a kill if someone like froggy were to dash away as soon as snipe starts.

For Basic attack

So the hyper carrying can begin
+4 damage VS nauts
+3 damage


any early game advantage helps with getting fed

======Purchase Order ======

Initial loadout: Piggy BankPower Pills,Monkey hand,Snipe Pump rifle1/3

Get ASAP: Iron rifle, maximum pump rifle, Denny's boots, Time rift (in that order)

If enemies have not built HP by now, get : HC bomb

Get next: Receding Ponytail Cat Air Freshener

(order with those doesn't matter overly, get what you can with the money availible, but Receding Ponytail is more versatile than Cat Air Freshener and costs less per point of damage, so buy it first but dont save up deliberately to get it over the air freshener. )

If you haven't already, get: HC bomb

After that finish the build off with: 1/3 Nuclear Warhead, Retro Space Ship, then full Nuclear Warhead.

Why snipe first?

snipe is best taken first as is a relatively large AOE with decent range and a lot of base utility through it's knockback. it is better than time rift and gun damage as it is has a knockback, hits multiple enemies, and does the damage of 4-5 blaster shots. early teamfights, this ability will allow you to rise up and kill most of the enemy team, especisally if combo'ed with other team mates abilities.

its upgrades are maxed first because of the same reasons.

Why denny's boots immediately after snipe?

you REALLY need that movement speed to get away from blossoming enemy nauts like froggy or leon, that are starting to shine. time rift is immediately taken after to help the escapes. you cant deal damage if you are dead.

What is with this situational buying with HC Bomb? why not have a standard build?

HC bomb adds to your burst damage massively. getting it early creates your burst combo at 70+16+16(102 damage) leaving low HP characters like leon or froggy, who have 115 and 110 HP respectively at base, with tiny ammounts of hit points finishing Froggy G off in one shot and Leon in two, if you were to get one rank in Cat Air freshener instead for 10 solar more, it would require a snipe and Four shots to finish off froggy during which he would be firing back and 5 shots to finish off leon.

it takes the same ammount of shots with both builds to finish off those with under 134 base HP. higher base HP than that, the cat air freshener is better (only non tank with this much base HP is gnaw.)

why have Nuclear warhead and Retro Space ship last?'

the two items are last in the build mainly bought last as they do not contribute heavilly to burst damage AND are only useful if the enemy Naut stands in time rift, which is more likely to occur late game when more turrets have been destroyed, that said if things are really not going your way, level Nuclear warhead early to clear waves to try and stop the enemy from pushing too hard.

======Play Style ======

  • predominantly, raelynn is generally meant to be played defencively, due to being immobile whilst sniping.

  • the best way to murder well with raelynn is to bait with her, the low HP base comparitively to other later game champions now comes in handy. though make sure she is able to have an escape route, and a handy tank / CC support take care of anything unexpected (Leon).

Baiting generally goes along the lines of running away from an enemy while they chase you, placing a time rift in front of you (so that when it fully deploys it will have more of an effect on the chaser. then turning around to dish out some damage with snipe. the ideal snipe timing if the enemy is still running at you is when they are just about to exit the time rift to munch on your squishy face, as the knockback from the snipe will mean that they are in the Time rift for longer, taking more damage from

  • Your late game combo go something along the lines of:

prepare HC bomb by using Time rift well before combat

start the combat with snipe, (generally, the enemy will be running towards you at this point, so range isn't a problem as they will do the gap closing for you), at which point you can double HC bomb shot, this alone will deal 130 damage off the bat and take out 6.5 bars of HP not mentioning the nuclear warhead damage

if they have less than 5 bars left after this combo has done full damage and you have complete confidence in yourself beating them in a brawl, engage and hopefully kill them before team mates their team mates arrive

if they have more than 5 bars of HP, they either dodged well or are a tank, at which point you should probably turn around if there is no back up for you. if they are in any characters slow, jump in and finish them, harrass until they get out and then re-evaluate the situation.

LEON/FROGGY G ARE STRONG COUNTERS TO RAELYNN, if they aren't in the Timerift, it is probably a good idea to back away and let a tank or other awesomenaut take care of him while you rapidly backpedal to a safe distance so you can be safe in the knowledge that you cannot be hurt when you charge up your lazer to shoot at the busy enemy.

======Teamfights ======

the ideal Raelyn team fights should be started with a bait attempt from you, hopefully getting the whole team to walk through a Time rift in an attempt to kill you, making your sniper shot hit all three.

however, most opponents aren't stupid and see that raelynn's Time Rift is probably a bad thing to stand in, as especially in teamfights the enemies who volintarily walk into one almost always are killed with a good co-ordinated team.

Because good teams do not stand in your Time rift easilly or volintarilly, that makes things harder for the ideal team fight situation, leading to tough normal team fights with raelynn

=====Upon Initiation =====

most times, failed assasinations will turn into teamfights which leaves the target of the assasination (and hopefully the assasin) at a HP disadvantage after the initial burst damage against the rest of the teams, as a hyper carry with low mid to end-game HP, you will likely be the target of assasination as leon/froggy attempt to burst you down. you can only hope that your time rift is in the right place so that you can peel away from them, otherwise it is in the hands of your team mates to save you... assuming you survive the assasination attempt of course.

in some games, full on team fights will not happen (usually due to the lack of froggy, lonestar, leon, or a tank that is spectactular at initiating. the team make up will probably be something along the lines of Coco + gnaw + voltar to result in super harrass and sustain, the goal of this "teamfight" is to get the enemies down to an acceptable level of health for you to run them down without fear of getting killed yourself (Coco can truely bring the pain down on overconfident chasers, so make sure you know your limits) all while dodging/mitigating the other teams harrass.

======The Brawl ======

When the tanks butt heads and coco is spreading blaze everywhere, and its chaos with explosions everywhere. This is when the teamfight is in full swing, and it is hard to keep a cool head. as carry raelynn, your job is to deal as much damage as possible to as many people as possible while staying alive. most of staying alive in the teamfights as raelynn comes through experiance of knowing your weakpoints and propper positioning. there are a few important concepts that are required to be successful in a full on brawl.

Goldy Locks zones

not too hot and not too cold. distance from the teamfight is one important skill that needs to be mastered when playing a carry Raelynn. too close and you will be munched on by the enemy team, too far and you wont be able to hit anything

it is important to be in that "just right" zone, as it will almost ensure your suvival throughout the teamfight, meaning you can deal as much possible damage to the enemy team (as you generally need to be alive to do that). make sure that you dont have an enemy clunk breathing down your neck and he won't immobilise you, so its a good idea to keep a full arms length between you and them.

this can be helped by an time rift + snipe combo to maintain distance between you and the enemy

====Time rift Placement and interaction. ====

in a teamfight. The Time riftMUST be placed in an area where it is cramped( a turret alcove), in the way of something important (the middle jump pads in AI station 404, OR the worm button in the middle of Sorona) or on a critical clear platform (the series of Clear Pads in the middle of ribbit IV), if it is not, then the time rift will Probably go to waste.

if worst comes to worst, and you are at a jungle camp in sorona where there is no apt place for a time rift deployment. use it anyway and then attempt to kite the enemy through/around it by running around the time rift, this is FAR easier said than done, and the damage output of the HC bomb should be the only true reason why you do it, but hey, the time rift is there, may as well use it. if the enemy naut then gets stuck in the time rift, that is just a bonus.

======The chase ======

the chase occurs when someone has won the teamfight, and the remaining nauts on the losing team will be scrambling for dear life, if you are one of them, a time rift should be enough for the escape, otherwise, look for jump ramps to confuse the enemy and hopefully lose your tail

====time to snipe? ====

mostly, the time to snipe is when the enemy doesn't have a hope of escaping the snipe, doing it wrong can cause an enemy to escape when you could have easilly chased them down for a blaster kill.

make sure that they are relatively close to you when you are starting the snipe, not too close as they may turn on you, but close enough so they are in maximum range of the snipe if they run all the way. any slowed enemy is a free snipe practically. make sure when they are being sniped that they only have a horisontal escape, as vertical escapes (jumping down a clear platform) may interupt line of sight to the enemy.

======General Tips ======

CLICK AGAIN TO SHOOT EARLY, you do not have to wait until full charge to fire off the snipe.

After initial loadout, your snipe will kill enemy Nauts if they are on two bars of HP or less. (1 bar of HP = 20 HP). and at loadout end, you will be able to kill an enemy with 3 and a half bars or less, use this as a quick reference to whether you can finish an enemy with a snipe, or whether you need to beat them down a little first. (bots are special and are tougher)

The one of the best places to put a time rift is to put it in a "dead tower alcove" where enemy Nauts cannot jump over its effects, meaning that they will have to walk through if they want to chase the "weak and squishy" raelyn. if they dont follow, it's means that you can have a free harrass sniper round aimed at their own weak, fleshy body.

one of the best times to hit with snipe is when the enemy is at the peak of their jump, when they are at their peak, they are the most immobile, as they do not have the ability to accelerate rapidly in one direction. sniper shots on ground targets are risky as they are the most mobile at that point,

the next best thing to sniping a naut at the peak of his jump is to snipe a landing naut, as they have to fall down and then occupy a space for a short time, before jumping again, though there is fast acceleration towards the ground, it is still the second most commonly occupied space.

======Naut synergies with build ======

this Raelynn build synergises with any Naut that is CC oriented (almost all support builds, along with all yuri) and more specifically, synergises with champions that have exteme movement restrictions, (i.e Derpl's trap, Clunk's snare, Froggy G's stun and upgraded slow bubble on Yuri, aoe snare on Skoldir). coco can be built to synergise with raelynn, who can be a beastly combo together as coco knocks people back into the path of raelynn's snipe whilst blaze slows them down.

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