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Raelynn is a somewhat technical character. You usually need to combine all three of her skills to get a positive result. Going all-out with a particular skill is nice, but then Raelynn will be rather underwhelming to the opponent. All three skills need to be upgraded alongside each other, else you'll end up with one dominant skill and two useless ones.

Recommended Loadout[]


  • Pump Rifle: This adds more damage to your otherwise annoying Sniper Rifle. This skill could do with all the damage it can get.
  • Gryc Lubricator: With Raelynn's latest buffs to damage, using Snipe as an actual Sniper Rifle is much more satisfying.
  • Iron Rifle: This, alongside Pump Rifle, maxes your damage out at a powerful 80 damage. When shooting down a whole lane with this, it's actually much more damage than it seems.


  • Nuclear Warhead: This upgrade is probably a must-have on Raelynn. That's not to say the damage is overpowered, or the timerift is underwhelming without it, it just adds something to the overall package that no other upgrade can, and being stuck in a double timerift makes this hurt. A lot.
  • Retro Spaceship: Boosting the already decent 60% slow to an 80% slow is probably the best thing you could do to make your timerift better. Especially when double-stacked. There's no escape.
  • 1.21 Gigawatt Battery: This upgrade allows you to make double-stacks in the first place. Without it, your maximum timerifts comes out at one. With this, you get two to throw around. This is powerful on any timerift set.


  • Unknown Alien Hand: What's better than one piercing skill? Two piering skills. Taking down whole droid waves becomes a lot easier with this thing. It feels like a necessity for her blaster.
  • Joe Doll: With this, you boost your blaster's DPS to new levels, for a very cheap price. This is, once again, a near-necessity for Raelynn.


  • Power Pills Turbo : I'm not gonna lie; Raelynn is frail. She can't take a hit to save her life. With pills, she still can't take too many hits, but it allows for some slip-ups on your behalf without instant death.
  • Denny's Boots: These feel mandatory for Raelynn, like Lonestar's Rocket Boots. The near-instant speed boost lets you out-run pesky Leons and Froggys, while chucking back a timerift or two once you gain too much ground over them for them to catch up.
  • Piggy Bank/Solar Tree: Most people claim that you need at least one solar-based upgrade to survive out there. I can't agree more. The choice between Piggy Bank and Solar Tree is hard. Piggy Bank lets you grab Snipe and Iron Rifle right at the start, while Solar Tree boosts your late-game substantially, as long as you can keep away from death.

Purchase Order[]

You'll want to grab the upgrades in this order (don't forget to grab upgrades necessary to counter certain 'Nauts that might give you trouble):

1. Piggy Bank

2. Snipe

3. Iron Rifle

4. Timerift

5. Denny's Boots

6. Nuclear Warhead 1/3

7. 1.21 Gigawatt Battery

8. Pump Rifle

9. Power Pills Turbo 1/3

10. Nuclear Warhead 2/3

11. Retro Spaceship 1/2

12. Pump Rifle 2/3

13. Power Pills Turbo 2/3

14. Nuclear Warhead 3/3

15. Retro Spaceship 2/2

16. Pump Rifle 3/3

17. Power Pills Turbo 3/3

18. Unknown Alien Hand

19. Joe Doll 1/2

20. Joe Doll 2/2

21. Receding Ponytail

The point that you buy Gryc lubricator depends heavily on the map played. Buy it sooner on Sorona, buy it later on AI Station 404.

Play Style and Tips[]

  • Spam Snipe at Droid Waves to knock them over and get some much-needed solar.
  • Remember that you can fire early with Snipe by pressing left-click at any time during the charge-up phase (of course, wait for her to pull the gun out).
  • Try to put the timerifts on the same spot, and in tricky chokepoints, to make enemy movement more predictable.
  • Snipe has a small knockback. Keep back hazardous foes with this small knockback.
  • Use Snipe to scare Derpls and Weedlings. Timerifts do the job too, but may feel wasted when used on Weedlings.
  • If you see a Leon, run! You can out-run him, but he's got a Silence Tongue.
  • If you catch two enemies hanging near each other, separate them with Snipe.
  • Don't feel too bad if you steal a kill with Snipe; your ally still got paid, and you get some Solar, which you really need.
  • Always play around with the build order to suit what you're up against. For example, building into Raelynn's blaster sooner can save you from Vinnie And Spike.
  • Stick with at least one teammate, so that they can help you fend off your counters.
  • Time your Snipe with a team's burst attack to take down enemies and Voltar trains.

--Your's Truly, The Man in the Yellow Hat (talk) 05:29, November 25, 2012 (UTC)