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Bob the space mummy

Well I had a very good idea and wanted to share with you,

he is called Bob the Mummy, I am Brazilian and I play awesomenauts a lot, and I see that many many Brazilians play It too, and I think you could make one Brazilian CHARACTER spirit with my idea, its more or less like this.

Bob is an attack character! he would have the power to stretch his arm and attack enemies a little far while still keeping his distance.

Bob Isn't very fast.

Bob also have a unique long distance jump.

- powers -

Bob can use a flame breath ability.

the second power, bob would rise a tomb from the earth to use as a shield  (or he could drop a few beetles that would slow down the enemy) 

- Items -

Bob on offense - buy some things to enhance his speed. Bob also could had something to increase the distance of the arm stretch attack or something.

For the first power Bob could buy something to make the flame more intense, bob would also enhance a little his damage and have a fire defense.

The second would make bob rise a greater tomb to summong a bigger amount of beetles, and give the enemy a stun or a kind of paralysis while leeching a little bit of the enemy life.

and the primary normal as any sale naut.

Bob the mummy space.

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Thanks for reading -