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Player Level

In Awesomenauts, players can gain Levels and unlock more game content. Player Level is increased by completing games and gaining Solar in matches. 10000 EXP is required for a Level up. Choosing a 'naut using the random button, winning games and playing splitscreen are ways to increase the Solar rewards for completing matches.

Most of the levels unlock various Upgrades for Awesomenauts, which can be bough in the Shop.

Your level is shown at the bottom left of the Main Menu, above the announcement section, alongside your League badge, Prestige Level, and Steam username.

The maximum level on Steam is 158 (as of Patch 2.12, released on September 2, 2015), while the maximum level on consoles is 45. Once you reach the max level, you gain the option to Prestige. Prestiging resets your level back, requiring you to unlock all of the upgrades again.

(WARNING: this article is grossly outdated and in need of serious updating)

Level Unlock Type Character


Froggy G


Battle Mode

Practice Mode



2 - -
3 Clunk Character
4 Piggy Bank Upgrade
5 Voltar Character
6 AI Station 404 Map
7 Gnaw Character
8 Baby Kuri Mammoth Upgrade
9 Coco Character
10 Sorona Map
11 Yuri Character
12 ROFLNauts Gamemode
13 Raelynn Character
14 Aiguillon Map
15 Derpl Character
16 Vinnie & Spike Character
17 Genji Character
18 Ayla Character
19 Admiral Swiggins Character
20 Clock Necklace Upgrade Froggy G
21 Transfusion Grenades Upgrade Lonestar
22 Morning Star Piercing Upgrade Leon
23 Suckanator 9000 Upgrade Clunk
24 Weaponised Hull Upgrade Voltar
25 Spike Slime Upgrade Gnaw
26 Flashing Lights Upgrade Coco
27 Homeless Gnome Upgrade Skolldir
28 Carpet Bombs Upgrade Yuri
29 HC-Bomb Upgrade Raelynn
30 Lead Casing Upgrade Derpl
31 Chrome File Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
32 Prefab Cocoons Upgrade Genji
33 Jail Food Upgrade Ayla
34 Kraken Statue Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
35 Hamburger Phone Upgrade Ted McPain
36 Volatile Wheels Upgrade Penny Fox
37 Night Vision Spywatch Upgrade Sentry X-58
38 Spare Blade Upgrade Skree
39 Twister Tweeters Upgrade Froggy G


Techno Viking Helmet Upgrade Lonestar
41 Extra Battery Pack Upgrade Leon
42 Reactor Cooler Upgrade Clunk
43 Cortex Tank Upgrade Voltar
44 Flex Neck Upgrade Gnaw
45 Disruptor Upgrade Coco
46 Enhanced Muscle Fibres Upgrade Skolldir
47 Spacetime Continuity Device Upgrade Yuri
48 Iron Rifle Upgrade Raelynn
49 Deployment Pads Upgrade Derpl
50 Rocketeer Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
51 Kremzon Calendar Upgrade Genji
52 Rubberband Ball Upgrade Ayla
53 Magnetic Anchor Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
54 Sniper Toothbrush Upgrade Ted McPain
55 Chicken in Lunchbox Upgrade Penny Fox
56 Interrogation Answering Machine Upgrade Sentry X-58
57 Voodoo Doll Upgrade Skree
58 Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition Upgrade Froggy G
59 Booming Bullets Upgrade Lonestar
60 Hungry Sword Upgrade Leon
61 Improved Homing Sensor Upgrade Clunk
62 Twisted Nightmares Upgrade Voltar
63 Rabbit Teeth Upgrade Gnaw
64 Hoover Hands Upgrade Coco
65 Fistbump Upgrade Skolldir
66 Hubble's Lens Upgrade Yuri
67 Joe Doll Upgrade Raelynn
68 Fat Cat Upgrade Derpl
69 The Codfather Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
70 Space-Hippo Manure Incense Upgrade Genji
71 Ion Blowtorch Upgrade Ayla
72 Royal Toy Castle Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
73 Can o'Juice Upgrade Ted McPain
74 Herring Snack Badge Upgrade Penny Fox
75 Drive-Over Skulls Upgrade Sentry X-58
76 Upgrade Skree
77 Upgrade Froggy G
78 Upgrade Lonestar
79 Device Of The Heavens Upgrade Skree
80 Upgrade Clunk
81 Misery Tarot Cards Upgrade Nibbs
82 Hydro Smash Upgrade Froggy G
83 Incendiary Bomb Upgrade Lonestar
84 Upgrade Skolldir
85 Power Converter Upgrade Clunk
86 Warpgate Overdrive Upgrade Voltar
87 Split Spit Upgrade Gnaw
88 Heavenly Fire Upgrade Coco
89 Oily Spray On Bronze Upgrade Skolldir
90 Upgrade Ayla
91 Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
92 Upgrade Clunk
93 Upgrade Voltar
94 Moon Nectar Upgrade Genji
95 Dummy Prisoner Upgrade Ayla
96 Ancient Octant Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
97 Adlez Princess Phonenumber Upgrade Ted McPain
98 Stunt Helmet Upgrade Penny Fox
99 Disguise Moustache Upgrade Sentry X-58
100 Alien Hula Girl Upgrade Skree
101 Yellow Snow Cone Upgrade Scoop
102 Lion Tail Upgrade Nibbs
103 Small Volcano Upgrade Skolldir
104 Time Primer Upgrade Yuri
105 Gryc Lubricator Upgrade Raelynn
106 Brim Force Field Upgrade Derpl
107 Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
108 Upgrade Genji
109 Upgrade Ayla
110 Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
111 Grénaide pour homme Upgrade Ted McPain
112 Heart Shaped Net Upgrade Penny Fox
113 Pussycat Album Upgrade Derpl Zork
114 Rubber Mask Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
115 Spiritual Cooking Upgrade Genji
116 Fiery Jawbreakers Upgrade Ayla
117 Double Glazed Royal Porcelain Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
118 Salvo Value Pack Upgrade Clunk
119 Euphoric Thoughts Upgrade Voltar
120 Diamond Teeth Upgrade Gnaw
121 Super Conductor Upgrade Coco
122 Pale Mead Upgrade Skolldir
123 Baby Yeti Upgrade Yuri
124 Receding Ponytail Upgrade Raelynn
125 Bat Catsuit Upgrade Derpl
126 Loanshark Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
127 Wool Shawl Upgrade Genji
128 Sonic Listening Device Upgrade Ayla
129 Pool Boy Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
130 Ted's Power Briefs Upgrade Ted McPain
131 Grey Man Group Badge Upgrade Penny Fox
132 Counter Intelligence Cross Upgrade Sentry X-58
133 Soul Connectors Upgrade Skree
134 Bat Catsuit Upgrade Derpl Zork
135 Loanshark Upgrade Vinnie & Spike
136 Wool shawl Upgrade Genji
137 Pale mead Upgrade Skolldir
138 Pool boy Upgrade Admiral Swiggins
139 Ted's power briefs Upgrade Ted McPain
140 Grey man group badge Upgrade Penny Fox
141 Counter intelligence cross Upgrade Sentry X-58
142 Soul Connectors 1/2 Upgrade Skree
143 Titanium coneshield 1/2 Upgrade Scoop
144 Chilas wax candle Upgrade Nibbs
145 - Upgrade Rocco
146 - Upgrade Rocco
147 - Upgrade Rocco
148 - Upgrade Rocco
149 - Upgrade Rocco
150 - Upgrade Rocco
151 - Upgrade Rocco