Awesomenauts Wiki

Character balance/fixes[]


  • Increased Time Rift base slow to 60%, removed 3rd slow upgrade
  • Merged Shot range upgrades into a single upgrade
  • Snipe now only damages during one frame, so swiping to damage a larger area does not work any more.
  • Time Rift now keeps functioning better if Raelynn dies while Time Rift is active.


  • Removed movement restriction on Spit.
  • Increased Spit base damage from 30 to 35.


  • Removed ability to store combo through using skills

General major fixes[]

  • Fixed that DoT (damage over time) showed a very large number when attacking turrets or the Drill Core. This is purely a visual fix, since DoT did not actually do this much damage.
  • Fixed achievement for turret kills.
  • Matchmaking now decides in how many leagues to search depending on the number of players online, so if lots of players are online, you will only get players of the same skill level.
  • Skølldir, Gnaw and Raelynn can now appear as favourite characters in the Leaderboards. Matches from before the patch with these characters are taken into account. You need to finish one online match to make this update.

General minor fixes[]

  • Various bot fixes.
  • Various fixes to control scheme bugs that happened under very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leaderboards would sometimes claim to be empty.
  • Stats button has been moved from Settings menu to Main menu.
  • DirectX water now looks the same as OpenGL water.
  • In splitscreen, using a skill that is on cooldown now only shows a click on your own screen instead of on the other player’s screen as well.