Awesomenauts Wiki

New Feature[]

  • Spawn Messages: Characters will now play a character-specific audio sample locally when they have spawned.
  • Levelcap is raised to 82! Every level will unlock one new feature in the game. Items you gathered before this patch will still be available.

New Playable Character: Raelynn[]

Raelynn loves big guns. After highschool she went straight into the E.L.F. army to fight against the invading robots, just before the first AI war. She was trained by the best and excelled in long range weaponary. Within a year she was given the honor of joining an elite squad called the SkyCrows, where she met the love of her life: her Protorblaster "Cuddles". For years they did covert missions together as a team to disrupt robot production and steal robot technologies. They were feared by all robots (well...the ones with emo-chips). Until that one deep space mission to AI station 404 in the year 3009, where she ran into a robot ambush, and "Cuddles" was brutally taken away from her. Raelynn was put into cryostasis. Decades passed until a small mercenary team found her hidden on the planet. There she was rejoined with "Cuddles" and many warm 'hugs' were given that day to all robots on 404.


Snipe - Take aim and deal a powerful and very long shot, that pierces through enemies.

Time rift - Throw a deployable verticle rift that slows time.

Pulserifle - Raelynn fires her protoblaster ‘Cuddles’.

Jump - Normal human jump

Character balance/fixes[]


  • Changed his description from slow movement to medium movement, to better represent his speed.
  • The price of Power Briefs (Mighty Throw) has been reduced from 170 Solar to 135 Solar.
  • The price of Homeless Gnome (Mighty Throw) has been increased from 210 Solar to 220 Solar.
  • The duration of the stun effect on Rubber Ducky Choker (Bash) has been reduced from 0.6s to 0.4s.
  • Oily spray on bronze (Mighty Throw) should be more reliable now.


  • Dynamite (Dynamite Throw) now always explodes on contact after a delay of 0.3s. Dynamite throw, dynamite now explodes on contact but with a 0.3s delay.
  • The price of Rubber Sleeves (Dynamite Throw) has been reduced from 180 Solar to 135 Solar.


  • Clover of Honour (Slash) has been changed to correctly grant 15% chance to inflict a critical hit.
  • The price of Magnet Piercing (Tongue Pull) has been reduced from 180 Solar to 100 Solar.


  • NEW - Voltar’s “Summon Drones” ability has been renamed to “Suicide Drones”. After purchasing the Suicide Drones skill, drones will continue to spawn automatically. Using the Suicide Drones skill now orders your drones to home in on nearby enemies, exploding on contact.
  • The damage dealt by Suicide Drone shots has been reduced from 5 to 4, while explosion damage has been increased from 10 to 12.
  • Weapon range and homing capabilities of Suicide Drone shots have been improved.
  • The damage increase from Weaponised Hull (Suicide Drones) has been increased from 5 to 6.
  • The price of Dreams of Greed (Healing wave) has been reduced from 205 Solar to 155 Solar.
  • Movement speed slightly reduced


  • Time bubble, Cooldown compensation for buying Space time continuity device and Flash forward removed .


  • Siege mode, solid fist bullets stun chance changed to correctly have 10% chance to stun.
  • Grid trap, lead casing price reduced from 225 Solar to 200 Solar.


  • Acid spit, feather ball price reduced from 180 Solar to 145 Solar.
Bite, rabbid teeth price reduced from 210 Solar to 185 Solar.nn[]

General Fixes[]

  • The game now searches for matches in 5 leagues instead of in 3 leagues. This will be changed back to 3 when the community gets larger with upcoming awesome things.
  • Raelynn theme song and killing spree have been added to the soundtrack DLC.
  • If you have a skin for a character, then random character select will now always use that instead of the normal look.
  • Characters in character select have been re-ordered to match their unlock order.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the game would show a different league in the main menu and in the Leaderboards.
  • The game now shows an error if it is started on a resolution that the screen cannot display, instead of crashing.
  • Fixed that older videocards printed a lot of unnecessary errors to the log.
  • Added Golden Ducks for Coleykun, Evilinferno, Z13J, RSS and Bytyqi.
  • Fixed that Skøllldir’s deflect upgrade showed the deflect text way too often.
  • Fixed that screenshots could not be made in DirectX.
  • Fixed that text was shown less smooth in DirectX than in OpenGL.
  • Random slowdown on characters should now be fixed.