Awesomenauts Wiki

Character balance/fixes[]


  • Bash, Perfumed white flowers damage reduced from 50 to 40
  • Bash, Fistbump price reduced from 240 Solar to 190 Solar
  • Bash, Mini knockback removed from first two bashes
  • Earthquake, Stone twins price reduced from 230 Solar to 200 Solar
  • Earthquake, Enhanced muscle fibers now lowers cooldown to 4 sec. Chance from 25% to 30 %
  • Earthquake, Enhanced muscle fibers price reduced from 210 Solar to 185 Solar
  • Mighty throw, Cortexiphan shake price increased from 140 Solar to 160 Solar


  • Improved homing sensor price reduced from 140 Solar to 110 Solar
  • Missiles, Fragmenting shells price reduced from 280 Solar to 150 Solar

Froggy G[]

  • Tornado move, right back at ya! price increased from 260 Solar to 290 Solar
  • Bolt .45 fish gun, Swirling octopus price reduced from 185 Solar to 145 Solar

Coco Nebulon[]

  • Lightning ball, Heavenly fire price reduced from 275 Solar to 205 Solar
  • Blaze, Silver coating removed a stage (2 total)
  • Blaze, Silver coating speed increased from 0.14 to 0.17
  • Blaze, Silver coating price increased from 140 Solar to 155 Solar
  • Blaze, Chuck’s board now has an additional stage (4 total)
  • Blaze, Chuck’s board price reduced from 175 Solar to 155 Solar
  • Electrify, Super conductors price reduced from 385 to 175
  • Electrify, Super conductor damage reduced from 3 to 2
  • Electrify, Super conductor now has an additional stage (2 total)

General Fixes[]

  • Charlie the Octopus has returned to his water tank on AI Station 404. He was temporarily on holiday to Okeanos and had a wonderful week with his family at the Purple Oceans resort.
  • Fixed unstable framerate when a Honeydew Skølldir is in the game
  • Fixed framedrop that would occur when a player joins and when starting a match
  • Fixed framedrop that could occur when a player leaves
  • Fixed the text chat at the end of the game, messages sent to ‘All’ were not arriving at other players after the base was destroyed.
  • Fixed broken win percentages in the leaderboard. Players who had their win percentage listed incorrectly in the leaderboards will need to finish an online game in order for their data to update with the correct percentage.
  • Fixed a bug in the new ranking calculation system introduced in patch 1.6
  • Fixed a couple of minor text issues