Awesomenauts Wiki

Patch 1.6.1 "leagues" 05-10-2012

New features -Leagues are now visible in the leaderboards, scoreboard and main menu. There are 9 different leagues:

Players are now split into 9 leagues, from lowest ranked players to highest ranked players. The game will connect you to games from your own league and one below and one above. If you are in the bottom league you will be able to join games 2 leagues up and if you are in the top then you will be connected to 2 leagues down.

1 Awesomantium
2 Crimsonite
3 Thorium
4 Plutonium
5 Gold
6 Silver
7 Bronze
8 Iron
9 Copper

-Added Skølldir to the loading screen

Character balance/fixes Lonestar
-Dynamite throw, incendiary grenades now correctly apply damage over time.

-Perfumed white flowers crit damage is halved against turrets.
-Mighty throw, homeless gnome damage is halved against turrets.
-Mighty throw, fixed a graphical bug

General Fixes -Fixed overlapping texts in leaderboards
-Chat now works correctly at the end of the game (opponents often did not see what you typed)