Awesomenauts Wiki

New features[]

  • Added an option to set the matchmaking search area. There are 4 different settings:
    • Regional
    • Same or nearby region
    • Half way around the globe
    • Worldwide
  • Added a downloadable content section.
  • Custom skins can now be purchased in the Steam Store.

The following skins have been added to the game:[]

  • Voltar - Disco Voltar
  • Froggy g - Grand master splash
  • Lonestar - Officer Lonestar
  • Yuri - Kosmonaut Yuri
  • Coco - Coco Hawaii
  • Gnaw - Bumble Gnaw
  • Derpl - Hotrod Derpl
  • Leon - Musketeer Leon
  • Clunk - Expendable Clunk

Character balance/fixes[]

Coco Nebulon[]

  • Killing opponents with Super Conductor will now display the right skill icon.


  • Grenades, Dark matter flashbang and Rubber Sleeves are now switched in the loadoutscreen.
  • Hyper Bull, Bull Charger explosion size reduced by 20%.
  • Hyper Bull, price increased from 120 Solar to 135 Solar.


  • Acid Spit, Spike slime Solar price reduced from 290 Solar to 250 Solar.
  • Bite, Rotten teeth Solar price increased from 260 Solar to 290 Solar.

Derpl Zork[]

  • Increased his weight. Derpl can push other characters with more force and can’t be pushed away anymore.
  • Siegemode, Iron Fist bullets: Damage from iron fist bullets is now consistant with normal bullets and damage upgrades will now correctly apply.
  • Siegemode, price reduced from 145 Solar to 135 Solar.
  • Siegemode, Iron fist bullets price increased from 135 Solar to 225 Solar.


  • Healbot, Energy drink added health decreased from 20 to 10 per stage.
  • Healbot, Energy drink price increased from 170 Solar to 205 Solar.
  • Healbot, Turret Add-on attackspeed decreased from 240 to 200.
  • Healbot, Turret Add-on will now display attackspeed.
  • Healbot, Turret Add-on beefed up the damage visualization.
  • Healbot, Turret Add-on price increased from 190 Solar to 230 Solar.
  • Healbot, Hydraulic sugar dispenser price increased from 140 Solar to 170 Solar.
  • Healbot, Cortex tank price increased from 140 Solar to 175 Solar.


  • Vacuum Bite, price reduced from 155 Solar to 135 Solar.

General fixes: Major fixes[]

  • Improved skill based matchmaking. Players are now split into 9 divisions, from lowest ranked players to highest ranked players. The game will connect you to games from your own division and one below and one above. If you are in the bottom division you will be able to join games 2 divisions up and if you are in the top then you will be connected to 2 divisions down. We are still improving this system, once we are happy with it we will integrate it in the menu’s.

General Fixes: Minor fixes[]

  • Improved behaviour flying droids on AI Station 404.
  • Added platforms on AI Station 404.