Awesomenauts Wiki

New Features[]

  • New Playable Character: Gnaw.

Gnaw's highly adaptable physiology allows him to thrive in almost any athmosphere. Gnaw was trained by a band of Amphibian cosmic bikerpirates, that rent him to any war general that is desperate enough to set loose the rabid, chitinous menace upon the battlefield.

Abilities: Acid spit - Spit out a sticky spray of acid goo that damages enemies over time. Grow Weedlings - Bite enemies to gather growth parts, then use those to grow a weedling. Bite - Gnaw bites his enemies with his filthy maw, dealing damage over time. Jump - Skroggles have a strong single jump.

  • Added several songs to the downloadable Soundtrack (DLC). New tracks include Character Themes and Killing Spree theme for all characters, including Gnaw.

Character balance/fixes[]

  • Med-I-can price decreased from 150 Solar to 120 Solar.
  • Health increase from Power Pills has been increased from 30 health to 40 health.
  • Solar Tree price decreased from 125 Solar to 100 Solar.
  • The speed at which players are healed while in the base has been decreased from 1 health per 0.1 sec to 1 health per 0.2 sec.
  • The visual effect of Blind now follows your character when you jump.


  • NEW! Cash Container (Life Bite) has been removed and is replaced with Power Converter. Power Converter decreases damage of Life Bite by 10, but increases lifesteal to 200% of damage dealt.
  • The second stage of Multi Hose (Life Bite) has been removed.


  • Cooldown of Ball Lightning has been increased from 5.5 sec to 7 sec.
  • Blind Duration of Flashing Lights (Ball Lightning) has been reduced from 3 sec to 2 sec.
  • Damage increase from Voltage Amplifier (Ball Lightning) has been increased from 5 to 7.


  • Force Field (Siege Mode) and Brim Force Field (Siege Mode) no longer protect Derpl from status effects.

Froggy G.

  • Ice Cubes (Splash Dash) price has been increased from 140 Solar to 160 Solar.


  • Blind Duration of Dark Matter Flashbang (Dynamite Throw) has been reduced from 3 sec to 2.5 sec.
  • Fixed a bug with Dynamite Throw that would sometimes cause thrown Dynamite to disappear mid-air.
  • Detonate-on-contact has been reverted to its original form: Dynamite will now always detonate on contact when the Rubber Sleeve upgrade has been purchased, and no longer detonates on contact without this upgrade.


  • Speed Increase from Flash Forward (Time Warp) has been reduced from 130% to 120%.
  • Damage of individual Carpet Bombs (Mine Deploying) has been reduced from 14 to 13.
  • Damage increase from Uranium Spikes (Mine Deploying) while Carpet Bombs (Mine Deploying) is active has been reduced 9 to 8.


  • NEW! Healing Wave has been redesigned and now heals targets for 3 health and applies an additional Healing over Time effect that heals targets for 10 health over 10 sec.
  • NEW! Twisted Nightmares (Healing Wave) has been redesigned and now increases the Healing over Time effect of Healing Wave.
  • Cooldown of Healing Wave has been increased from 0.9 sec to 1 sec.
  • Damage increase from Weaponised Hull (Summon Drones) has been reduced from 10 damage to 5 damage.
  • Weaponised Hull (Summon Drones) price has been increased from 210 Solar to 250 Solar.
  • Drone Army (Summon Drones) price has been increased from 175 Solar to 200 Solar.
  • Cooldown reduction from Drone Gateway (Summon Drones) has been increased from 4 sec to 6 sec.
  • Drone Gateway (Summon Drones) price has been increased from 145 Solar to 190 Solar.
  • Summoned Drones now display a proper graphic when detonated or destroyed.

General fixes: major fixes[]

  • Fixed a crash in character select with a specific control scheme configuration.
  • Added beta DirectX support, which should fix issues for some people who could not start the game at all, or only on Low despite having a new videocard. Known issues with DirectX: no full-screen, no VSync, controls configuration menu shows overlapping buttons (click above to select them), water too blurry.
  • A number of cheaters have been banned. Cheaters can now only play against each other in their own private matchmaking.
  • If your save-file is somehow lost, you will now still keep your profile level and prestige level. If you lost your save-file before this patch, your prestige level will now be restored by this patch.
  • Alt+tab should work better now (switched to SDL 1.2.15 for that).

General fixes: minor fixes[]

  • Matchmaker will now always prefer 2vs2 over 3vs1. 3vs1 can still sometimes happen if someone leaves a match, or leaves during character select.
  • Mouse-button 6 now also works.
  • Text-chat button can now be re-assigned.
  • Master of the Universe achievement is now also given if you are already max level, instead of only when you reach highest level. Only after finishing a match.
  • You can now never lose ranking points for winning a match.
  • Fixed an error with scrolling in the leaderboards.
  • Couple of textfixes.