Awesomenauts Wiki

New skin: Mels[]

  • Added a special charity skin for the Make A Wish Foundation: Mels
  • All proceeds from this skin until 31 December 2013 will go to the Make A Wish Foundation. After this date the skin will remain on sale, but income will go to Ronimo as normal

New song: Spanking Stars[]

  • Added a new song to the soundtrack: Spanking Stars
  • Everyone can temporarily hear this track now, but starting patch 1.26 it will be part of the Starstorm-DLC

New announcers: Pappa Gnaw and Voltar[]

  • Added new announcers: Pappa Gnaw and Voltar
  • These two announcers are only available to Kickstarter backers in the Bronze Tier and above
  • The Humble Store folks have not updated the rewards page yet, so Paypal backers will get their keys as soon as they are added there. Kickstarter backers should have already received their keys through email


  • Removed the Halloween decorations from the levels
  • Added Autumnauts winners to the droppod landing areas in the levels


  • Fixed a bug where a Leon with Pinot Noir would keep regenerating health after going out of stealth by keeping the attack button pressed
  • Fixed a bug where Voltar’s drones became visible again during invisibility from the Aguillion stealth powerup
  • Clunk will not be able anymore to be stealthed while exploding
  • Raelynn will not be able anymore to be stealthed while sniping
  • Removed the accidentally added extra gold Solar cube above the Worm button in Sorona (it is still around when “Extra Solar Pickups” is enabled in Custom Games)
  • Fixed that when being kicked for being AFK, the game would spam enormous amounts of the same line to the logs