Awesomenauts Wiki

New Features[]

  • Added dual stick support.
  • Digital G, Cyber Coco, and Ghost Leon skins added.
  • Matches will no longer automatically start until 6 players are present. If no players enter after 2 minutes, then the game can be manually quick-started.
  • The Awesomenauts window icon now flickers when a match starts.
  • Private Matches can now be set to be only joinable by invite, instead of allowing a friend to join by themselves.

General fixes[]

  • Players with low bandwidth should now have a smoother online experience in Awesomenauts.
  • Fixed some issues with ping calculation.
  • Fixed menu cursor being permanently shown over in gameplay.
  • Fixed crosshair/cursor being invisible during gameplay.
  • New players who win a lot of matches now take twice as long to reach the higher leagues.
  • All players will now be visible if a rare bug occurs where a team has four players instead of three.
  • Fixed a few text errors.
  • Added subtle anchor graphics to Swiggins’ Royal Toy Castle shield.
  • Fixed Kage Genji skin missing some voice lines.
  • Fixed Leon's Tongue Snatch graphics being broken after Morning Star Piercing was purchased.
  • Fixed Ravishing Raelynn skin not playing Timerift charge-up sounds.
  • Improved team colors of the Coco Mcfly skin.
  • Fixed shadow under character being positioned too high, when standing inside a team wall/turret.

Balance and Gameplay[]


  • Players can no longer be seen on the minimap when Blinded.
  • Mass (pushing power) has been increased and changed for all characters based on health.
  • Changed the moving platform between the bottom turrets on Aiguillon to a static one.
  • Fixed that when you jumped down through a glass platform that was very close to the floor, you couldn’t jump up again until you stopped touching the glass platform with your head.



  • Removed homing on Suicide Drones.
  • Increased movement acceleration.
  • Increased jump height.

Froggy G[]

  • Ice Cubes now give a 2s slow instead of stun for 15% per stage for. Price reduced to 150 Solar. (The slow countdown starts after the base stun is over)
  • Can't Touch This is now a percentage-based shield. (25%)
  • Turbo Tape is now split into 2 stages, each increasing speed by 4, 140 Solar for each stage.
  • Base Splash Dash cooldown increased from 7s to 7.5s.

Sheriff Lonestar[]






  • Snipe charge-up reduced from 0.7s to 0.65s
  • Gryc Lubricator divided into 3 stages, each increases range by 4 for 120 Solar.
  • Timerift now deals 1 damage at base.
  • One stage removed from Nuclear Warhead, price reduced from 175 to 165 Solar.
  • HC-Bomb is now divided into 2 stages, each stage increases the number of bullets that can deal doubled damage. Price reduced from 130 to 115 Solar.
  • Joe Doll price reduced from 175 to 160 Solar
  • Receding Ponytail price reduced from 310 to 300 Solar.
  • Fixed that if you have the damage upgrade for Timerift, the damage area would sometimes not be in the same spot as the Timerift itself.


Vinnie & Spike[]



  • Evil Eye base slow reduced from 10% to 7.5%.
  • Evil Eye extra slow per health stage reduced from 10% to 7.5%.

Admiral Swiggins[]

  • Fixed that Drop Anchor could chain a player for a long time when Swiggins is in “reconnecting” state.
  • Power Pills Turbo replaced with Power Pills Companion, which functions identically.
  • Reduced collision size of Homboldt and chain activation range.