Awesomenauts Wiki

New features[]

Coco Nebulon Background Hailing from a psyonic race on Okeanos, Coco is known as the cosmic waveblazer. Describes herself as hot & cool at the same time.

Excerpt from her spacelog: "It's just like, dude, I was cruisin' the galaxy, you know, in this totally tubular space-van, searching for the best cosmic waves man."

Type Fast, melee, support.

Skill 1: Blaze Temporarily, Coco's hoverboard leaves a trail of electricity.

Skill 2: Ball lightning Shoot a ball lightning. Detonate it any time with a second press.

Main attack: Shock Channel Coco's psycho-electric powers through her unfortunate enemies.

Movement: Ollie Hoverboard jump, with a chance to do a front-flip. Tubular!

Derpl Zork Background Riding his combat walker onto the battlefield, comes Derpl Zork. The nephew of Blabl Zork, president of Zork industries, Derpl lacks his uncle's business-smarts. In fact he lacks any kind of smarts: his IQ is even rated under the level of plankton in the official galaxial IQ test. He loves hunting cats, though.

Type Medium speed, medium ranged, tank.

Skill 1: Grid trap / Nuke Deploy traps that will ensnare enemies, locking them in place. Nuke in siege mode.

Skill 2: Siege mode Transform into a static siege mode, enabling deadly weaponry.

Main attack: Cat shot / Gatling fire Mew enemies into oblivion by shooting explosive holocats. Fast shooting gatling fire in siege mode.

Movement: Jetboost Derpl's walking desk has a temporary jet boost. Hold A to ascend!

Prestige There are now 10 levels of prestige, each with its own unique icon.

General fixes[]

  • Many fixes to the leaderboards. Since rankings were very broken before, they have now been reset, while played/wins statistics will remain in place. New rankings numbers will be around 10,000 instead of around 1,000.
  • Several network fixes to reduce the number of Network Errors.
  • PS3 only: Fixed a rare crash when a Clunk with very low health who is charging his Detonation skill is interrupted and killed by Leon’s tongue. This only happened on PS3 and only on the server when at least one of the two was a bot.
  • Sometimes characters would be slowed as if they were still shooting. This has been improved.
  • Players now never get a leave penalty when they leave a match that has no human players in the enemy team.
  • Many statistics of items have been changed to show the correct value.

Balance fixes


  • Med-i'-can price: 180 > 150
  • Power pills turbo now upgrades into 3 stages each stage provides 30 health
  • Power pills now add 30 health and costs no Solar


  • Main attack, chain saw addon damage: 3 > 2
  • Main attack, clover of honour combined in one stage.
  • Main attack, clover of honour crit chance: 20% > 15%
  • Main attack, clover of honour crit damage: 18 > 36
  • Main attack, clover of honour crit price: 180 > 270
  • Main attack, backstab divided into 2 stages
  • Main attack, backstab price per stage: 275 > 180 gold
  • Main attack, backstab damage: 8 > 4
  • Main attack, damage from chainsaw addon now translates correctly to surprise party mask
  • Main attack, electrifier divided into 2 stages
  • Main attack, electrifier price per stage: 235 > 160
  • Main attack, electrifier slow power: 50% > 15%
  • Main attack, electrifier slow time: 1s > 0,4s
  • Stealth, clones deal 50% less damage to turrets.
  • Stealth, clone max health: 120 > 115
  • Stealth, length HP bar of clones now scale simultaneously with the health of Leon
  • Tongue pull, damage now also applies to heroes on the way back.
  • Tongue pull, spiked piercing upgrade price from 200 to 180, damage from 4 to 3 a piece
  • Tongue pull, base damage 15 >12
  • Tongue pull, Morning star piercing upgrade damage from 12 to 9.
  • Tongue pull, Consume upgrade max 100% > 80%
  • Tongue pull, second range upgrade removed.


  • Healing wave, healing power: 7 > 6
  • Healing wave, twisted nightmares now also increases attack speed: +25 attack speed
  • Healbot, turret now has the same range as the heal.
  • Healbot, visual of healrange now consistant with actual healrange.
  • Healbot, heal from 480hp/min > 400hp/min
  • Healbot, energy drink heal per min per stage: 240hp/min > 200hp/min
  • Healbot, new upgrade: cortex tank adds a knockback pulse
  • Healbot, overheal potion now upgrades healpower
  • Healbot, energy drink now upgrades health and cooldown reduction
  • Healbot, health pack from health pack surprise no longer heals enemies, does AOE heal, also spawns at low health.
  • Drones, drone AI focus less on turrets.
  • Drones explode upon death, dealing 10 damage in a 0.12 radius
  • Drones, weaponised hull changed to improve drones’ explode upon destruction. Damage: +10; Radius 0.6; Upgrade cost 110 > 210
  • Drones, replaced Force fields with blind effect on shot.
  • Drones upgrade Hyper drive now just improves attack speed.
  • Drone cooldown reduced to 10 secs.
  • Drone health 35 > 25
  • Main heal, cooldown: 0.8 > 1 (invert heal, cooldown: 0.6 > 0.7)


  • Medical pump requires Clunk to hit enemies with his bite to increase health.
  • Fragmenting shells text changed, the upgrade doesn’t give +5 extra damage.

Froggy G

  • Main shot, damage: 5 > 6
  • Main shot, attack speed: 143 > 133
  • Main shot, Swirling octopus cartridges now only has 1 stage, range: 0,5 > 1
  • Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja edition now removes movement speed debuff instead of increase attack speed, price 110
  • Tornado, twister tweeters damage: 15 > 20
  • Tornado, base damage: 17 > 16
  • Tornado, shield from can’t touch this now passes on leftover damage to Froggy himself when the shield is destroyed


  • Laser, tractor beam amplifier removed and replaced with flyswatter
  • Laser, flyswatter added increases laser damage by 1
  • Laser, baby yeti now correctly slows for 30%
  • Time bubble, bubble duration: 2.5sec > 3sec
  • Healing Bubble now cannot heal the Drill Core anymore.


  • Hyperbull, bull explosion does actual damage now.
  • Hyperbull, techno viking helmet now only upgrades pushdamage of hyper bull.
  • Hyperbull, bull charger now upgrades the explosion damage of hyper bull.
  • Hyperbull, damage: 20 > 30, damage 2 upgrade removed.
  • Grenade, Dark matter flashbang upgrade cost 145 >110
  • Homing missiles, damage against turrets: 100% > 50%
  • Homing missiles, price 220 > 275
  • Main attack, attack speed upgrades price 185 > 210
  • Main attack, damage upgrades price 200 >220