Awesomenauts Wiki

New features[]

  • Coco McFly character skin (for Coco): Coco has accidentally been sent back to the year 2015 by mad scientist monkey Yuri! 2015... when hoverboards had a weirdly nineteen-eighties-like design! Coco McFly must now find a way to go home in the future! Will she ever get back?
  • Bionic Raelynn character skin (for Raelynn): Raelynn has been recruited by a supersecret bionic spec op team. The new and improved Bionic Raelynn has augmented her already impressive battlefield performance with bionics, cybernetics, a worn cloak and shiny lights.

General fixes[]

  • Improved Leaderboard code to make resets of Ranking and Matches Played happen less.
  • APL winners got a special Lensflare Cat icon and a mention in the dropzone of each level.
  • Leon clones are now affected by the same effects as Leon himself (Vinnie’s Smokescreen stealth and Genji’s Monarch Blessing)
  • Fixed that with the right timing, Froggy’s reflect could grab an enemy Genji’s Monarch Blessing and apply if to the Froggy.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would for some users never get through the “Waiting for Steam initialization” screen.
  • Fixed that players who started the game in a new Season but did not play a match, were added to the Leaderboards with 0 matches played (existing entries like this have not been removed from the Leaderboards).
  • Fixed that when silenced, the cooldown clocks would look weird.
  • Now showing version number in main menu.
  • Now printing message for newly connected players to chat log.
  • Fixed that a character would sometimes not appear visually for half a second after having been Cocooned.