Awesomenauts Wiki

New features[]

  • Added a Vsync setting

Character balance/fixes[]

  • Damage/heal numbers that pop out of characters are now correctly rounded. So 1.6 is now rounded to 2 instead of to 1. This has no gameplay impact, it only changes the numbers that pop up!
  • Derpl’s Nuke no longer requires ammo
  • Derpl’s damage absorbing shield now does not block against snare, stun and tongue any more
  • Fixed that teleporting could sometimes be interrupted at the very end, when the character was already visually gone
  • Lonestar now stands still very shortly while casting Bull, like on console, so that he doesn’t cast the Bull behind him while walking

General fixes: major fixes[]

  • Achievements cannot be gotten in the tutorial any more
  • Yoooo JOE! and Slimer’s Evil Twin Achievements can no longer be gained offline
  • Fixed crash when quitting the game during the “joining match” screen

General fixes: minor fixes[]

  • Fixed several cases where one player’s HUD would show up in the other player’s view in splitscreen
  • Fixed Coco Syphon Disruptor upgrade pricing.
  • Adjusted pricing for upgrades with multiple tiers vs. single tier upgrades.
  • Improved keyboard only control schemes
  • Fixed several text and stat bugs
  • If you open the control scheme menu during the first time in the tutorial, it is now now empty any more
  • Lowest volume setting is now lower
  • Various menu controls improvements (mouse and joystick)