Awesomenauts Wiki

New feature[]

  • Added 3 buttons to the main menu that link to the bug-report forum, the Awesomenauts Facebook page and Ronimo Twitter.

Character balance/fixes[]

  • Droids now have 50% damage reduction when their shields are activated
  • Droid levelling has been sped up from 5 minutes per level to 3 minutes per level
  • Droid base health has been upgraded from 40 to 50
  • Derpl: Removed Derpls’ ability to detonate the nuke by himself
  • Derpl: Reduced size of Derpls’ nuke explosion
  • Derpl: Changed the price of Kitty katsuit level 3 to the same as level 1 and 2 (from 280 to 180)
  • Clunk: Height of Clunk is reduced to make him able to jump through certain platforms
  • Leon: The second level of Backstab Blade now correctly adds 4 damage, like the tooltip states, instead of adding 8 damage
  • Coco: Blaze damage first tick will not directly apply when hitting the blaze

General fixes[]

  • The textchat font has been adjusted
  • Default open shop button E
  • Remapped default Q & E to correspond with the HUD
  • When a player is killed by a flying droid, the correct icon will show in the general message
  • A couple of text errors have been fixed in the menu, game and loading screens
  • Pressing the Start-button on a Xbox 360 controller will now open the in-game menu
  • Random occurring slowdowns on characters have been fixed
  • Leaderboards now load better and faster
  • Leaderboards now show more than just the top 100
  • Clicking on a name in the leaderboards now opens the corresponding Steam profile page
  • Fixed a crash in leaderboards when browsing Friends Leaderboards
  • Removed the unlock message for Froggy G at level 14 (he is already unlocked by then)
  • Various small cosmetic/functionality fixes to menu and UI
  • A couple of menus now have better mouse support
  • When playing splitscreen, player 2 can now see his gold counter
  • Ronimo logo intro animation now has a more manly sound