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The music for Awesomenauts is produced by Sonic Picnic. Themesong can be downloaded for the cost of a tweet or a Facebook share at


Awesomenauts - Extended Themesong

Recording of the music:[]


Awesomenauts Audio Spotlight - Extended Theme Recording

Character Themes[]

Sheriff Lonestar[]

  • Character Jingle
  • Killing Spree Mix

Current track list[]

  • Awesomenauts Theme
  • Juno's Travels to planet DX7
  • Clunk's Machinery
  • Wormhole Surfing
  • Bagpipin' Blastfest
  • Interstella Gangsta
  • Party at the End of the Universe
  • Space, Full Colour
  • Gitarren sind AbFab!
  • We Will Take You There, Mr. Monkey
  • No Blue Elephants, Please
  • The Awesomenaut Tunes
  • Awesomenauts Theme (Remix by Totally Tuur)
  • Awesomenauts Mega Mini Master Mix
  • My Only Awesomenaut
  • Character Theme Clunk
  • Character Theme Coco Nebulon
  • Character Theme Derpl Zork
  • Character Theme Froggy G
  • Character Theme Gnaw
  • Character Theme Leon Chameleon
  • Character Theme Sheriff Lonestar
  • Character Theme Voltar the Omniscient
  • Character Theme Yuri
  • Killing Spree Clunk
  • Killing Spree Coco Nebulon
  • Killing Spree Derpl Zork
  • Killing Spree Froggy G
  • Killing Spree Gnaw
  • Killing Spree Leon Chameleon
  • Killing Spree Sheriff Lonestar
  • Killing Spree Voltar the Omniscient
  • Killing Spree Yuri
  • Character Theme Skølldir
  • Killing Spree Skølldir
  • Character Theme Raelynn
  • Killing Spree Raelynn
  • Character Theme Vinnie & Spike
  • Killing Spree Vinnie & Spike
  • Character Theme Genji
  • Killing Spree Genji
  • The Eye of Aiguillon
  • Awesomenauts in Concert
  • Character Theme Ayla
  • Killing Spree Ayla
  • Roflnauts 01 - Prematchmusic
  • Roflnauts 02 - Get ready to rofl
  • Character Theme Admiral Swiggins
  • Killing Spree Admiral Swiggins
  • Spanking Stars

Note: The complete Awesomenaut soundtrack can be purchased on Steam as a DLC for the game. It is updated whenever a new music track is added to the game.