Awesomenauts Wiki

So, I have noticed lately that activity on the wiki has died down quite a bit. To me, a great wiki is one where it is constantly being added to and refined all the time. Now, all the major editors on the wiki all like two things, the wiki, and awesomenauts. Now I thought we could combine our love for both to fix the problem for the wiki.

Each week or two weeks the top 6 contibutors of the wiki face off in game. The loseing team has to do posts on the wiki until the next match the worst player on the losing team dose the most edits and posts and so on. Now this is just an idea and im still not sure how many posts and edits they will have to make and wether useless comments count and so. But, it's just an idea to combine the wiki and the game to help both.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Now I must apologize for the delay but i have the new list, First off i must apologize to showfull for not includinng him I did so becuse i thought he was a dev, Well now that that embaressing part is over, On to the list!

The teams are, Me and little freak VS Memore and showull

My reasons are , this owuld combine the biggest editor (littlefreak) and the smallest editor our of us all (me)

then that wpould cpombine the middle men Memore and showfull

Iwould love to have RPV in but i dont know of anyone else to join in also by all means put your sugestions down and what you think!