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Hello, everyone. Akvo here with a guide to Leon.

This build is called "Zombie" as it lets you stay alive in short engagements, striking enemies opportunistically and backing out to heal in the jungle.

Recommended Loadout[]

Tongue Snatch: Tongue Stretcher/Steel False Teeth/Morning Star Piercing or Spiked Tongue Piercing

Cloaking Skin: Pinot Noir or Extra Battery Pack/Basic AI Chip/Aggressive AI Chip

Slash: Chainsaw Addon/Enhanced Muscle Fibers/Backstab Blade or Hungry Sword or Electrifier

Reptile Jump: Power Pills Light/Space Air Max/Solar Tree

Build Variations:

  • If you plan to be a strong, early game burster, go for Morning Star Piercing and be sure to buy it early. It has a rather expensive up-front cost, but it is, solar-for-solar, more efficient than the Spiked Tongue Piercing. Take the Spiked Tongue Piercing if you wish to have more flexibility in your build process. That way, you can use it as a fallback if you're behind on solar.
  • The Pinot Noir is an excellent disengage item; it heals 5 HP per second, which is actually more than the Med-i'-can (which is 1.3 and 2.6 per second at levels 1 and 2 respectively). Extra Battery Pack is acceptable if you plan on hard-pushing with your clones.
  • Chainsaw Addon and Enhanced Muscle Fibers are essentially core on Leon--when the late game rolls around, your job is to be DPSing enemies into oblivion, and both items are essential for this. The third item depends on your personal playstyle:
    • Backstab Blade is useful for assassinating low-health, squishy and less mobile targets and the 3rd item I generally run on Leon. It's strong and generally very reliable, but falls flat against enemies that can hinder your progress or can simply stay and fight back.
    • Hungry Sword ensure you can win trades against an enemy in a fight... though I find this to be redundant with Steel False Teeth in the build as well. It may be to your liking--try it and see.
    • Electrifier is a nice chasing item--though it deals substantially less damage than the Backstab Blade, it can at least ensure your enemies never escape. However, staying in a fight is not exactly this build's forte, so I recommend you stay away.

The rest of the build guide will assume you are running Morning Star Piercing, Pinot Noir, and Backstab Blade.

Purchase and Phase Guide[]

Starting: Buy Tongue Snatch and Solar Tree (Total: 185) first. Before droids spawn, try to punish enemies that dare stray too close to your turrets by pulling them. Hopefully you can force them to recall before the early farming stage and maybe even score a first blood. Farm near your tower; if the lane you're in is pushed, head to a different lane, or even the jungle.

Your next set of items to buy should be one rank each in Steel False Teeth and Tongue Stretcher (Total: 305, Level 3). Both of these let you play your grabs more aggressively, and again are good at forcing retreats if you manage to pull someone to your tower. Remember to play it safe! Don't engage against an enemy unless you're sure you can take a kill or there are many enemy droids or jungle creeps nearby. Strike them with your Tongue Snatch for some free HP.

Your next major upgrade should be your Cloaking Skin (Total: 135, Level 5). With this, you can start playing more aggressively. Sneak around the map to snipe hurt enemies, and finish them with your blade, for example--or disengage if things get too hairy and wander into the jungle for some healing. Remember to kill jungle creeps with your Tongue Snatch--striking two at the same time should generally be enough to bring you to full health.