Awesomenauts Wiki

Must haves: Pinot Noir, Aggressive AI Chip, Chainsaw Addon, and Piggy Bank

Buy Order: Piggy Bank > Stealth > Aggressive AI Chip > Pinot Noir > Chainsaw Addon x 3

Notes: Best used for players that specialize in Hit and Run tactics

Start off by purchasing the Piggy Bank to give yourself a nice boost to Solar, then buy Stealth and Aggressive AI Chip. Now go to the nearest turret, and try to jump above it so that you are against the wall. Immediately use Stealth to release your clone so that it begins to attack the turret. Quickly get above or below to the turret to reduce damage, and kill critters or collect health packs if you need them. Repeat this to quickly solo turrets with minimal threat. As you progress, you will want to follow up by purchasing Pinot Noir for healing while cloaked, followed by the Chainsaw Addon to maximize your damage output.