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The initiator is perhaps one of the most team-oriented roles in Awesomenauts. It is the character that is responsible for initiating teamfights in a way that it gives their own team an edge. They usually have an ability aimed at doing just that.

Acting alone, a pure initiator tends to be less effective than other 'nauts at their specific roles and as such, they should focus on working along the rest of the team, waiting for the perfect opportunity to start a fight.

Common initiator traits[]

  • Very Strong disruption.
  • Generally risky but rewarding initiation tool.
  • Excel in a team environment, less effective on their own.
  • Tipically better at setting up kills for their team, not actually making them.

Traditional initiators[]

Swiggins is currently the only character labeled as an initiator in the game. With upgrades such as Kraken Statue and Ancient Octant, he is able to turn his Anchor Hook into a highly disruptive initiation tool, while Drop Anchor, being dangerous enough at base, can be made even deadlier for the enemy 'naut caught by it.

It is important to notice that a poor initiation is likely to put him at great risk, while a successful one can aid his team greatly.

Other initiatorsEdit[]

Generally speaking, any ability used in a way that severely hampers members of the enemy team or put them in a bad position can be considered an initiation tool. Mighty Throw, Tongue Snatch and Ball Lightning are all great examples of this.