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Ribbit IV minimap
Sorona minimap
AI Station 404 minimap

Healthpacks are placed around the maps as a way for Awesomenauts to regain health without having to go back to the base. Once taken, Healthpacks heal you for 50 health and take 2 minutes to respawn. Neutral Creeps drop smaller healthpacks which heal for 30 health, with the Solar Boss dropping a unique 100% healthpack. Voltar's Healbot can also drop a healthpack that cannot be picked up by the enemy team after its duration is up, with Health Pack Surprise upgrade. Genji's Cocoon can drop multiple, tiny health packs which heal for 8 HP each with the Moon Nectar upgrade. Using the Sonic Listening Device upgrade, Ayla (or other 'nauts, if she allows it) can get 20 more health from a creep healthpack, for a total of 50.

The location of health packs can be seen on the mini-map. The location of a health pack is indicated by a green dot. The mini-map will not tell players if the healthpack has been used or not. If an allied Awesomenaut or Droid is close to a Neutral Creep, the mini-map will also show their location as green, moving dots.

Healthpack locations by map[]

Note: In team deathmatch mode, players have the option to add more healthpacks to the maps.

Ribbit IV[]

With 9 in total, Ribbit IV has the most healthpacks of any map: two of them are located just outside each base (through the lower path), 2 between the team's lower turrets, two between the team's top turrets, two inside the Solar Boss areas and finally, a single one on the platform in the middle of the top lane.


Sorona has 5 healthpacks: two behind the opposing team's top turrets, two right in front of the teams' inner turrets and one inside the hide area, right above the worm button.

AI Station 404[]

AI Station 404 has 8 healthpacks: two behind the opposing teams' bottom turrets, two in front of them, two where the lanes merge into one, right behind the outer turrets, one in the middle of the anti-gravity field and one on the topmost platform of the jungle.


Aiguillon has only one healthpack. It is located in the middle of the uppermost hide area.