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Health is the amount of damage can be taken before dying. Each Awesomenaut has their own amount of health. Each section of the green bar in the health bar above the players head represents 20 health points. Health can be increased by purchasing the Power Pills Light, Power Pills Turbo or Power Pills Companion upgrades, depending on the character. Certain non-utility upgrades can also increase an Awesomenauts' health.

Since Patch 1.17, health also naturally increases by 3 every 90 seconds, capping at 30 health after 15 minutes. This bonus is retroactive, meaning it will benefit players who were present since the start of a match, as well as late joiners. The numbers seen in parenthesis in the compare table below refer to this maxed health value.

Health Increasing Skills and Upgrades[]


Admiral Swiggins[]




Compare Table[]

Name Health
Froggy G 115(145)
Sheriff Lonestar 130(160)
Leon Chameleon 130(160)
Clunk 205(235)
Voltar the Omniscient 135(165)
Gnaw 140(170)
Coco Nebulon 140(170)
Skølldir 170(200)
Yuri 145(175)
Raelynn 135(165)
Derpl Zork 195(225)
Vinnie & Spike 130(160)
Genji the Pollen Prophet 135(165)
Ayla 135(165)
Admiral Swiggins 155 (185)