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Healers, as the name implies, focus on healing allied units above all else. They usually have limited offensive capability, and must be protected by their teammates from the enemy team. If left alone, healers can cause their team to outlast the enemy, winning teamfights.

Common healer traits[]

  • Easy access to healing abilities.
  • Limited offensive power.
  • No escape mechanisms.
  • Vulnerable to most enemies, unless protected.

Traditional healers[]

Currently, Voltar is the game's only dedicated healer. Lacking a standard autoattack and having an ability dedicated to healing, he starts off very vulnerable and must play a more passive role. As he gains Solar from heals, however, his power in teamfights greatly increases.

He is able to push lanes if left alone, and even has access to limited disruption in the form of knockbacks and drones (particularly Dark Matter Shots).

Other healers[]

Many characters have access to lifestealing mechanics, which can only heal themselves. Other, more limited healers are Yuri and Genji. They have upgrades that allow them to function as healers, although not as effectively as Voltar.