Awesomenauts Wiki

Harassers are 'nauts that attack enemies in short intervals, usually from a long distance, all the while keeping that enemy at bay through varied mechanisms. The point is to chip the enemy health away slowly but surely in order to force a retreat or to allow you or a teammate to move in for the kill.

While the harasser's long-range abilities can be used during a teamfight, they are most commonly used prior to the engagement, to weaken the enemy team before the actual combat can occur.

Common harasser traits[]

  • Long-range damage dealing abilities on a (relatively) short cooldown.
  • Good at keeping enemies away from them.
  • Access to high movement speed.
  • Tends to be less effective at close range/direct combat.

Traditional harassers[]

Currently in Awesomenauts, Coco is the only 'naut identified as a harasser. Her Ball Lightning is an excellent poking tool and with the innate slow from Blaze, she can keep enemies away from her. Paired with her naturally high movement speed which can be further upgraded, she has everything associated with the harasser role.

Other harassers[]

Although the game does not state it, Raelynn also features every harasser trait available, being able to poke enemies with Snipe, block their path (thus denying them an easy way to get to her) with Timerift and being able to keep that distance through Denny's Boots.