Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[]

  • Acid Spit will disappear upon touching enemy turrets. Try to make it land in front of them instead.
  • Tentacle Soup can help Gnaw in chasing his enemies.
  • Use Aggressive Acid on platforms above hide areas to force enemies out of them.
  • There are many spots on several maps that allow for Aggressive Acid to drip a long way down, covering a large area, such as the middle of Ribbit IV's top lane or the corners of the top hide area on Aiguillon.
  • Combining Aggressive Acid with Split Spit can make Acid Spit very hard to avoid.
  • Both Acid Spit and Bite can keep track of Leon even when he's invisible.
  • If you plant more weedlings than the current cap, the oldest one will be destroyed.
  • Upgrades do not affect existing weedlings. You must replant them for the upgrades to take effect.
  • If your enemies are doing a good job at destroying your weedlings, consider investing some Solar into Acid Spit and/or Bite for better fighting presence.
  • When using weedlings in different places, always keep an eye on them via the minimap, so you'll know if they are being attacked or were destroyed.
  • A popular tactic among Gnaw players consists of hiding weedlings on hide areas, to surprise enemy 'nauts.
  • Placing weedlings nearby neutral creep spawning areas allow Gnaw to have a steady supply of health, but also denies the creeps to every other 'naut on the match (even his own teamates).
  • Weedlings are able to block paths against every enemy 'naut except Derpl. When used in tight spaces and chokepoints, they can make movement more difficult for your enemy.

Playing Against:[]

  • Med-i'-can and Voltar are your best "weapons" against Gnaw's poison attacks.
  • Blinding effects will prevent weedlings from attacking, making them harmless for the duration.
  • Weedlings drop no Solar upon death, but they are still affected by Solar generation mechanics such as Flashy Glasses or Magnet Piercing. Keep that in mind when facing multiple, lined up weedlings.
  • Burst area of effect abilities are great for taking out weedlings that are stacked together. Reflecting mechanics can do the trick as well.
  • Weedlings do not start at full health, being more vulnerable the moment they spawn.
  • If Gnaw has purchased Fertilizer, try to destroy his weedlings before they can grow and become a greater threat.
  • If you are having trouble taking out a large group of weedlings, it might be a better idea to chase and kill Gnaw himself. All weedlings will die shortly after.
  • Healthpacks cancel damage over time effects immediatly, however lifestealing effects do not.
  • You can tell if a puddle of Acid Spit has Split Spit or not. The ones that do are larger than the ones that don't.